Kitten ends up wet-eyed after seeing deceased owner in phone video

A devastated kitten ended up with his eyes wet with tears when he accidentally saw a video of his deceased owner on his phone. The scenes have thrilled millions of animal lovers – and then many still insist that they have no feelings!

Once again, the animals themselves disprove any theory that suggests that unlike humans, they do not have the ability to have feelings.

Animals can definitely feel emotions, in fact they are some of the most sensitive creatures, and even more so when it comes to our pets who tend to be quite honest with their emotions.

They do not hesitate for a second to make us feel their love with affection and games, even when their humans are no longer physically with them.

The kitten ended up with his little teary eyes… It’s the saddest thing to see!

A few days ago, a video has entertained the social networks. The images of this recording show a kitten on a couch with a cell phone while watching a video of its owner, but unfortunately the human of this feline has been dead for a while now.

The kitten is very focused watching the video, he really seems to miss his human, and you can tell by the way he wags his little tail.

But your heart will melt when seconds into the video, the kitten desperately tries to feel his owner. The feline tries to touch him with her paw, obviously the cell phone screen is her barrier, but that doesn’t stop the cute kitten.

I wish I could go back in time and have his owner there.

A moment later, the cat lays its head on the cell phone, as if it were its deceased owner. The feline gently places its face with the intention of giving a heartfelt hug to its human, lies down on the whole cell phone and closes its eyes as it did before when its human was alive.

At the end of the video, they take a closer shot of the kitten’s face and it can be seen as if it appears to be crying.

Without a doubt, these images can pull at any heartstrings. It makes you feel the pain that the little guy feels for not having his owner around, and it provokes you to be there to give him the hug that this kitten is desperate to feel.

How to deal with so much pain?


Some have judged the family of the kitty for exposing their little animal to such suffering. Doesn’t the person recording realize that the kitty is suffering with that? Isn’t it better to take the phone away, console it and give it all the love? But no, better to have 5 minutes of fame in the networks.

However, the lesson this video leaves us with is that we should be more expressive with the ones we love while they live. We must let them know our emotions and how important they are to us, before it’s too late.

We really don’t deserve all the kindness animals have!

We hope the kitty’s family has come to their senses about the tremendous sensitivity, faithfulness and unconditional love of their pet.

He just needs to be surrounded by love and attention to help him forget the human he loved so much.

I hope that this kitten manages to recover from the death of his beloved master and that his family rectifies giving him all the love and comforting him in his grief, he needs more than ever to fill somehow this irreparable emptiness.

This little guy has made us cry, but we invite you to see for yourself the touching moment starring the feline, below:

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