Kitten gets its heart broken for good after being returned to shelter for the THIRD time

One poor kitten ended up heartbroken after being returned to the shelter not just once, but THREE TIMES!

Not all furries are lucky enough to find a real family that loves and accepts them as they are. Others, unfortunately, have to go through unfortunate episodes until they find the right family.

This is the story of Oscar, an adorable kitten who has been returned to the Burton RSCPA shelter for the third time. His last family arrived at the shelter very excited to adopt him after staff and several people shared on the interwebs that the beautiful feline was looking for a new home.

The 10-year-old kitten was returned to the shelter for the third time They have no heart!

The family arrived at the shelter, by then, Oscar had already been returned twice without his owners giving further reasons, apparently no one was interested in him.

His caretakers were happy that this family was interested, after all, the third time is the charm and this was the third chance for Oscar who was even happier to go to his new owners. However, disappointment quickly set in when the family showed up at the shelter a few months later to return the kitten.

He was affectionately nicknamed “the unwanted cat”.

Once again the kitten was at the shelter facility not understanding why no one wanted him in their homes. The shelter staff, for their part, could not believe the kitten’s misfortune, they assure that Oscar is a very affectionate and playful feline. Via its Facebook page, the Burton RSCPA commented:

“Oscar has been in his third season with us since September, after being returned due to his (sometimes feisty) nature.”

Upon Oscar’s arrival all the staff were baffled, they couldn’t believe that such a lovely kitten would fail to fit in with any family. They explained that the feline does not show an unusual personality and that the time he has been at the shelter they have never noticed anything unusual about him.

The shelter staff does not know what bothered the last family to return him.

Strange as it may seem, this kitty is not grumpy although he often likes to be expressive with his meowing, he likes to get the attention of the staff by gently bringing his head close to them as if to remind everyone that he is part of the shelter.

“Oscar is a good companion to have around, he is outgoing, adventurous and friendly – yes, FRIENDLY!!!! He purrs enthusiastically when he sees us in the morning, he is far from shy or nervous around people. However, he has occasionally shown an aggressive side and has unpredictable moments,” noted the RSCPA.

Despite this unexpected behavior of the kitten, his caregivers are confident that his attitude will change with time, he just needs someone to accept him as he is, but above all, to have a lot of patience to accompany him during this process.

From here, the staff has come to the conclusion that Oscar’s coexistence problems are caused when he is forced to do some activity or share with other cats.

They also point out that he may have some problems with older females, perhaps due to past trauma. Therefore, they insist that his future adopters be young and preferably male.

They recommend that the best thing for Oscar is to let him be independent and not to pressure him to do any activity, this has nothing to do with his demonstrations of affection, he will only come to greet them and let them pet him.

All he wants is to find the perfect home.

This beautiful kitten with a unique and adventurous personality, wishes to have a real family to love him forever, preferably no children and to be the only pet.

Being so independent, it is preferable that his new home has a garden, so he can enjoy spending time outdoors and not feel any pressure.

His greatest wish is to find a family that will love and accept him forever, he deserves to have his dream come true!

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