Kitten looks on worriedly as grandma “operates” on favorite friend

A kitten has touched the heartstrings of many on social networks with his tender behavior, seeing that his grandmother was “operating” on his favorite friend, his stuffed animal.

All pets have a favorite toy with which they sleep and without which they cannot live.

For Lucas, the cute cat, it’s a stuffed leopard the same size as him. The stuffed animal has lived with Lucas since he was just a kitten. He is now four years old, but he never stops loving his favorite toy.

The two friends have formed a strong bond and are now inseparable. Lucas always takes his friend with him wherever he goes. Even if his prized toy is old and tattered, he doesn’t seem to mind and still loves it very much.

Alana’s grandmother wanted to have a nice gesture with the kitten of the house.

Lucas’ mother, Alana, got the toy at her local zoo, along with some other stuffed animals.

Usually, the cat cared very little for his owner’s toys or plush animals, but since this one came into the house, Lucas hasn’t been able to tear himself away from it.

Unfortunately, Lucas’ toy has not stood the test of time very well. Even though he’s a stuffed animal, it’s normal for him to wear out. When Alana’s grandmother moved in to live with her, she noticed right away that the little leopard was not at his best.

The old lady felt such a special fondness for Lucas that she wanted to make a gesture to the kitten, so she decided to make some adjustments to her favorite stuffed animal. She reached for her sewing basket and set about making Lucas’ beloved leopard as good as new.

Grandma proceeded to “surgically intervene” on the plush feline, never imagining that the cat would react like this

Lucas has had this toy for probably four years, and it ripped due to the wear and tear of time. Alana’s grandmother didn’t overlook the detail, so she immediately set to work to make the stuffed animal look better so that it could accompany the family cat for a few more years.

Grandma picked up the stuffing and began to repair it. Lucas was fascinated by what his grandmother was doing with his favorite toy, so he sat very close to her and waited patiently. He was there the whole time, Alana assures Alana. He was very interested in what they were doing to his beloved stuffed animal.

As soon as the toy was repaired and was as good as new, Lucas was delighted with the results.

“Lucas was very happy!” said Alana.

However, at first Lucas was more than worried not knowing if his grandmother really knew what she was doing. The poor little guy looked like he didn’t trust that his friend would be returned to him as he was, or what could be even worse, that the operation would turn out to be unsuccessful and he would be left without him forever. Poor little guy!

Fortunately, that anguish soon turned to absolute happiness when he saw that Grandma made him perfect and his friend was healthier than ever, ready to continue embarking on adventures together.

Lucas couldn’t be happier with his beloved stuffed animal!

We hope he enjoys many more years with his favorite stuffed animal. This story shows us the beautiful, tender, simple and innocent soul of little animals. That’s why they deserve to grow up surrounded by all the love to their heart’s content. And there are still those who mistreat them.

What a sweet kitty! If you fell in love with Lucas’ story, tell your friends so that they will be encouraged to welcome one like him in their home, they won’t regret it.

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