Kitten spends a lot of time homeless on the street, they look at her ultrasound and she decides to confide

A tabby kitten was found wandering the streets of Camden, New Jersey. She was not alone, her tummy was a portal of life, she would soon give birth, so she needed to be taken off the streets.

A Good Samaritan decided to change the uncertain fate of the mother cat and her kittens and provided temporary help until Kitkat Playroom, a rescue center in southern New Jersey, took her in.

Pregnant kitten decided to confide after long wandering the streets

At the shelter her rescuers prepared a comfortable, quiet place for the mom-to-be. Jen Mack, the founder of Kitkat Playroom, commented:

“We put her in our nursery and she investigated the entire room in a matter of minutes. Her fur was matted and dirty from living outdoors and foraging for food. We immediately started her on high-calorie food and hoped there would be enough time to get the nutrients for the babies.”

The sweet cat was named Miss Marple. At first she was not very responsive to her caregivers, she may not have been treated well by some people in the past and was elusive to those who tried to help her.

She kept hissing and growling at her foster mother.

An x-ray revealed what the mother was harboring inside her.

On this, Jen commented:

“For several weeks, she seemed to hate me more every day. And then on the afternoon of February 16, it was like a switch went off, and suddenly she was the most loving cat in the world to me.”

That same day, Marple went into labor, oddly enough, she insisted that Jen stay by her side, it’s as if she had recognized that she was the best protector for her offspring.

“While they were in labor, she would purr at me. That’s when we bonded and I realized she finally felt safe.”

The new mom gave birth to five healthy kittens, Kinsey, Sherlock, Cagney, Drew and Spencer. Immediately, she revealed her protective side and became the most attentive mother. Along with their foster mom, the kittens were well fed and loved.

“She didn’t leave their side for a whole day, not even to use her box. I brought her food to the nest. We became best friends during that time. She even falls asleep while I pet her belly.”

Although Mis Marple is very protective of her kittens, letting Jen cuddle them, she also allows her to hold them daily to monitor their growth.

The cat is attentive all the time, grooming them and always looking for the best position for her babies to feed comfortably.

With each passing day, the kittens grow stronger and more independent, opening their curious little eyes to discover the new world they belong to. Together they embark on little adventures while their mother closely follows every step.

“She cuddles her babies and pulls them close to her with her little paws,” Jen said.

When the mama cat isn’t watching her cubs she enjoys lying on her back with her little paws out in the open. She loves to greet all visitors and give tender friendly purrs. She seems to know how much she wants it she doesn’t hesitate to ask for it.

“My Marple is sassy. At only a year old, she is very playful and will dive head first for attention. It will be great to watch her play with her kittens as they get older,” Jen said.

It’s only a matter of time before the kittens are old enough and no longer dependent on their mother, by which time, the cat will be ready to be spayed and find a home where she will spend her adult life being loved.

For now, her kittens continue to grow by leaps and bounds and enjoy the care that their mother and Jen give them.

We love knowing that this sweet kitty has an encouraging present and her kittens won’t have to worry about shelter or food. Thank you to those who make the probable the beautiful reality. Take a chance to change a life and adopt.

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