Kitten stays with lost man in the Swiss Alps and carries him to safety

A loving and intelligent kitten didn’t leave the side of a man who got lost in the Swiss Alps for a single second. Not only that, she carried him to safety.

Much is said about canine rescue heroes, who have earned the admiration of everyone for having saved lives, and are an essential part of the search for survivors in a natural disaster.

The hero kitty in the Swiss Alps led the lost man to safety.

However, the age-old competition between dogs and cats seems to have reached the point of awakening a feline vindication in this regard, because the kitty protagonist of our story today is determined to prove that being a rescuer is not a job exclusively for dogs.

Gimmelwald is one of the few villages free of vehicular traffic in Switzerland, where access by car is not possible due to a lack of road connection, but in addition, its mountains are highly susceptible to avalanches.

So far no one knows the name of this amateur rescuer.

On a hike through these alpine precincts, with few inhabitants, a Reddit user identified as sc4s2cg told us how at some point in his journey he lost the North and ended up in one of the many abandoned villages in the region.

“I was looking at the map to see how to get back to the hotel and the only official way down the mountain was through a closed trail,” the hiker said.

He never imagined he would end up lost, much less that a kitten would become his savior.

Worried about his difficult and lonely situation in the middle of nowhere, to the man’s surprise a black and white kitten appeared and guided him smoothly to the populated valley. The kitten was constantly looking back, watching to see if the man would follow her and let himself be led by the feline.

As the unusual story became known, other users recognized our mustachioed heroine, who lives in the area, and this is not the first rescue she has had on her so far unblemished rescue record. And they have photos to prove it! It looks like this mountaineering kitty knows her stuff and takes her job very seriously.


Apparently, the feline even waited for the man when he was resting from a minor sprain in one of his feet, at the edge of a slope. But as soon as she stood up to continue the walk, the four-legged savior began to show her the way back.

There are definitely animals so special that they rescue people not only on the trails of a mountain. They are dogs and cats that literally save their human’s life without expecting anything in return. They only come into their existence in the most needed moment, in the most complex moment, when the closeness of that little being gives them a selfless affection, capable of waking them up from their sadness, their fears and loneliness.

This sweet kitten knew exactly what to do to help the man and it was not the first time she did it.

Check out this video of the sweet feline guide who has stolen the hearts of millions on the interwebs:

There is no doubt about one thing: that day the kitty acted like a true angel for the man. And he couldn’t have been less than grateful for so much love from the little feline, without even knowing him.

This is an epic story of unconditional love and heroism. It is something magical, there is no doubt about it and we can safely say that, even if we are the ones who adopt them, it is they, the animals, who rescue us.

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