Kitten with “an extra chromosome of love” who was rejected by all, finally meets love

Nothing is more beautiful than Nature and the beings that make it up. This is demonstrated by a kitten named Monty who has conquered everyone with his singular beauty, unique and special, despite the fact that at the beginning of his life he was left helpless.

Monty is a kitten who suffers from Down Syndrome.

Mikala and Michael are a couple who were captivated by the beautiful face of a kitten in a shelter. They had never seen such a charming feline, especially because of his particular boneless little nose. They immediately decided to add him to their family and adopted him.

Until then, this feline, originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, was only 3 years old and had never known the good side of life.

He lived in an animal shelter where he shared a room with a feline who didn’t like him and always wanted to fight with him; however, Monty has a peaceful personality and loves everything around him so he didn’t fall into provocations.

The kitten won over Mikala and Michael with his personality.

The truth behind Monty’s unique appearance is that he was born without a nose bridge due to a chromosomal alteration. The couple took him with them to their new home and also decided to create a social media profile for him to raise awareness about his condition.

His new parents simply wanted to share the feline’s beauty with others and, when they least expected it, he became a social media sensation, reaching thousands of followers from all over the world.

But, beyond the furor in the networks, Monty’s family wants the furry one to be an ambassador of all those special and “crooked” animals that look different from the rest, but are no less fascinating for that.

“We want to raise our voice for all those cats that can’t look perfect in everyone’s eyes. We want to draw attention to the fact that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic,” says the couple.

Monty’s condition causes him to sneeze more frequently and sometimes urinate without realizing it; but other than that he is a completely normal kitty, he even has more energy and happiness to give.

Born with an extra love chromosome

Monty adapted perfectly to his new home. He shares the house with two feline siblings who were also adopted and his favorite pastime is watching the little birds that visit his backyard.

The kitten loves to sleep and makes up thousands of excuses to get his humans to come back and snuggle with him.

Although he loves his siblings, the truth is that he loves dogs and every day he approaches the street in the hope of making a new doggy friend, or just watching them walk by.

Monty’s favorite food is ginger cookies. However, he must be on a strict diet to avoid problems with his kidneys, so they must keep all of the cookies under wraps so he can’t uncover them and devour them.

But, of all things, what Monty loves most is his dad Michael; he has become his spoiled baby and can’t sleep without being snuggled in his arms or legs.

“He acts like a baby kitten! He’s extremely dependent on us, but he’s definitely a daddy’s boy! When we first adopted Monty, we had no idea that a cat could become so attached to a human. Every night he has to sleep on Michael’s lap, or in his arms, and he refuses to go to bed without a blanket,” Mikala recounted.

Every day Monty lives a new adventure and, at the same time, he is a source of inspiration for everyone who knows his beautiful story.

There is no doubt, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Beauty has many sides and each one of them is special. Let’s celebrate diversity with Monty!

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