Kitten with bent paws becomes the happiest with endearing personality

A sweet kitten with special conditions has managed to progress by leaps and bounds and know the true love of a family after having a past full of misfortunes.

This adorable ball of fur was rescued along with her brother in a stable, the situation of the siblings was alarming, they were covered with fleas, very dirty, thin and one of them, noticeably ill.

The kitten with her bent paws conquered the hearts of her caregivers.

Fortunately, an angel appeared in their paths and watched over the welfare of the little furry ones.

Anna Dickerson-Homan, a volunteer foster at The Kitten Factory, a Michigan City resident, heard about the kittens’ plight and didn’t hesitate to give them all the help they needed.

The sweet kitten was named Lisa.

While Anna had no idea of the great responsibility of caring for two kittens, one of them, with a special condition, she took them into her home and fought until she saw them completely healthy and strong.

“It was an ‘act now, plan later’ situation and I had a feeling that I was their only hope,” Anna said.

From day one Anna noticed that the little kitten had crooked little paws, was stocky and had no tail.

Lisa always had the best attitude during the healing process.

Everything indicated that she had been born with congenital complications, such as Manx syndrome, a genetic mutation that affects the spina bifida, a malformation of the pelvic bones, which causes her legs to be crooked and paralyzed.

Some cats with this condition are born with a tail stump, but usually do not have one.

The kitten also suffers from kyphosis, so her spine is greatly affected.

Our kitten was born completely tailless, her little legs were deformed and she also had some neurological problems.

Because of this, she could not walk properly, however, she always showed a great fighting spirit, was very responsive to her caregiver and revealed to have a very playful personality. Although she could not walk, she loves to hop like a bunny around the house. In this regard her foster mother remarked:

“She is a cognitively normal cat who just wants to do cat things: look at birds out the window, chase a string and snuggle in your lap.”

Anna and her husband’s main goal was to care for the pair of kitty siblings until they found her a family willing to give her all the attention and love she deserved.

Especially for Lisa, it was necessary for her new parents to understand her needs and be able to go at her own pace, only then she could enjoy a comfortable and happy life.

She loves to play and have her parents’ attention.

To help her adjust to their lifestyle, Anna’s husband Steve built a ramp so the sweet kitty could get on and off the couch more comfortably.

The condition of her little paws doesn’t stop this fluffy ball of fur from doing what she loves to do most, she learned to run, jump and chase toys with great agility. Anna remarked:

“Lisa loves to cuddle and has to be as close as possible to her humans at all times.”

It didn’t take long for this adorable kitty to discover her role in her foster home, she loves to supervise Anna’s work and lay on her lap, she loves to be noticed and to let them know she is there to give and receive lots of love.

Thanks to the work of her caregivers and veterinarians, this sweet kitty is in very good health.

She is now a happy and much loved kitty.

For Anna and Steve their biggest wish was to find her a good home, but Lisa slowly and suddenly conquered their hearts, without realizing it, this adorable kitten was already a member of the family.

Since then, Lisa has become not only the best supervisor of her favorite people, but also the best helper and protector of the new rescued kittens.

This fluffy and adorable kitten reminds us that even in difficult times we always have angels that appear out of nowhere to fill life with color and lots of love.

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