Kitten with hydrocephalus who dreamed of a home, approaches a man and asks him to adopt him

For a stray kitten, finding a home may be one of its greatest dreams, but sadly for many, it never comes true. Now, if that homeless kitty also suffers from a disease or special condition, the chances of someone adopting it forever may be almost nil.

However, no matter how difficult it may seem, these dogs and cats also deserve love, and Arlo’s story is a testament to that.

Arlo ended up at Bridgend Cats Protection Adoption Center, located in South Wales, for a chance at a better life.

Tender, playful and adorable, it was impossible not to love Arlo despite his appearance.

He was born with some physical problems. Despite everything, the sweet tabby never let anything stop him and just wanted to be loved.

Arlo is an absolute sweetheart and took it upon himself to charm the entire staff with his tenderness.

He may look a little different than other cats, but he has a lot of love to give and is always up to adorable antics.

It didn’t take long to discover that the adorable kitty had hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid in the brain), which gives his little head that misshapen appearance.

After a thorough veterinary checkup, Arlo was deemed healthy, beyond his hydrocephalus. To ensure the best possible quality of life for this little guy, the staff hoped to find him a perfect family, able to meet his every need.

Around that time, Davy, a social worker for children with disabilities, had been considering sharing his home with a feline friend.

The kitten with hydrocephalus had only one dream: to be loved and have a home.

At first the man thought of an older cat to accompany him in his lonely life in a cabin, but thanks to his friends he discovered Arlo.

They started tagging him on Facebook every time Cats Protection posted a new picture of Arlo. It was very hard for Davy not to lay his eyes on this wonderful kitten.

Who could look down on all the love this kitty has to give?

Davy arranged a visit to the shelter to meet the kitten, who had just turned one year old. Arlo was a bit shy and nervous around people, but when he and Davy met, they instantly connected. It was undoubtedly, love at first sight.

“His first look was enough to make me fall in love immediately,” Davy said.

The shy kitten dared to lick the unknown man’s hand and even started purring in his arms.

Davy couldn’t help but let all the warmth of their love touch his heart.

As happens in many cases, they seemed destined for each other, so there was no human force in the world to keep little Arlo away from Davy. They now live together and couldn’t be happier to share their time and affection.

Arlo went to his new home and quickly found his favorite spot on Davy’s lap.

The shy kitten started to come out of his shell and really enjoyed being held.

“He’s still very shy and nervous, and he doesn’t like loud noises. But he is so affectionate. His personality is amazing. He’s quite a character,” Davy said.

On his first visit to the vet after adoption, Arlo hugged every staff member he met; he was very brave that day.

Over the next few months, the kitten really blossomed.

Arlo is one lucky kitty. And that makes us very happy!

Even special creatures also get a second chance in life. Fate can give you the most beautiful surprises that touch your heart forever. Giving love and a home to cats in need is the most solidary and best rewarded gesture that can exist.

Watch here the lucky story of Arlo, a cat like no other:

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