Kitten with paralyzed paws manages to recover and now keeps on moving

A kitten with half of his body paralyzed has become a true example of struggle and perseverance. The founder of Kitten Carer Rescue, Jessica Ruf, heard about his story and quickly went into action to rescue him.

The kitten was in quite a delicate situation, he was just skin and bones, starving and covered in fleas.

Kitten manages to walk after having half of his body paralyzed.

Despite his terrible situation, the kitten was very responsive to the rescuers was motivated to fight for his life. Jessica commented on the matter:

“It was evident that he had no movement in the lower half of his body, as he was dragging his torso and legs along the ground to move only with his front paws.”

The spunky little furball was named Mohan, his caretakers estimated he was about three weeks old, Courtney, a volunteer with the rescue group took him into her home and watched over his care.

“He snuggled close to me all night and looked up at me with those big, beautiful eyes.

I knew he was happy to be safe. He was cuddling my fingers and a stuffed animal, purring all night,” commented Courtney.

When they took him to the vet they were able to confirm the main suspicion, the kitten had no feeling from his waist to the tip of his tail. Courtney commented on this:

“Mohan has some compression between L1 and L2 on his spinal cord. This is likely due to a severe fall. We are hoping that acupuncture will help with Mohan’s recovery as it increases blood circulation and decreases swelling.”

The little tabby kitten was struggling to improve his quality of life, while receiving physiotherapy and hydrotherapy at home, he was also being treated for a possible infection.

His mother commented that when he received his first acupuncture session, he played all over the room and received lots of cuddles from the staff. On this she commented:

“He is such a brave little boy. When I picked him up at night, he was sound asleep in the car within minutes.”

With each passing day he was eager to walk like the other little furries, however, he refused to accept that his condition was limiting him.

“He has so much energy! He is the bravest little guy constantly trying to use his legs and not letting anything get in his way.

He will always find a way to get where he needs to go.

Every day he seems to gain more sensitivity in his inner half, with daily therapy at home. The movement in his legs now is just amazing,” Courtney noted.

In a matter of weeks, Mohan went from dragging his hind legs to wobbling as he tries to walk on all four paws. His energy intensified, his mobility and balance improved 100 percent.

He now enjoys chasing anything that moves and climbing on anything that requires the use of his paws. About this his caregiver commented:

“Little Mohan is so willing and determined to use his legs and walk. I have already seen him trying to propel himself forward and even balance on all four legs for a few seconds at a time. I feel like every minute I see an improvement.”

This small but brave kitten never stopped fighting for his life surprising his caregivers with his determination and desire to get ahead.

What a joy to know that in the midst of difficulties there are always people willing to make a difference and transform the lives of the most vulnerable.

Making the possible a beautiful reality is possible when we act from the heart and with the hope of transforming a life.

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