Kittens who were found separately at a shelter become best pals for life

Victor Frankenstein, a little gray kitten, was found alone on the streets of Brooklyn and transported to a shelter in New York. Jess Thoren, a foster mom from New Jersey’s KittenBnB, had arrived to the shelter to pick up a litter of orphaned kittens when she noticed the young boy and decided to take him as well.

Although tiny Frankie was just a few weeks younger than the three elder cats, Eva Ernst, Count Dracula, and Dr. Jekyll, they did not hesitate to embrace the new little companion and played as if they had known each other for a lifetime.

Regarding Frankie, Jess shared:

‘He was around two weeks younger than the other kittens,’ says the mother. He, like the others, arrived to the shelter the same morning and didn’t have a place to stay, so I brought him with me.

Frankie had been seeing his brothers play all over the place since he was considerably tiny and still starting to walk.

Jess’s husband, Erik Thoren, said:

“While he reclined on the bed, he was quite content to watch his big brothers run.”

Frankie grew to adore his brother Dracula (the black cat) as the days passed, so he set out to gain his devotion in any way he could. He went out of his way to find him, massaged him, laid next to him, and constantly played with him.

They began doing everything together, and Dracula welcomed Frankie as his mischief companion from the minute he began walking and hanging around with his siblings.

Erik continued, ”

“He’s always acted more like a ‘little brother,’ trying to keep up with his big brothers.”

While they were playing, Little Frankie would constantly try to emulate Dracula; it didn’t matter if he fell over his paws, he was always seeking for action.


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