Last 2 animals from the world’s worst zoo finally released and rescued

The reality for the little animals that live in zoos is full of unfair treatment, where their presence must only please tourists and spectators who are entertained with shows that have years of suffering and pain for helpless beings that were taken away from their habitat.

This is the story of the last two bears that lived in a zoo in Pakistan, and due to the terrible condition of the animals, it is recognized as the worst zoo in the world.

Fortunately, after a long struggle by activists and animal welfare organizations, all the animals were released.

The animals were kept at the Marghazar Zoo.

Bubloo and Suzie, two Himalayan brown bears, who for years were kept under terrible circumstances and repressed, were recently released.

Both animals were forced to perform acts to entertain zoo visitors.

The bears were also malnourished and disoriented.

Since arriving at the zoo in 2007, Bubloo and Suzie were forced to dance and perform, even having their teeth pulled to prevent them from attacking their trainers.

During training, they were beaten hard until they were able to synchronize and perform the perfect act.

For more than 13 years the two bears were held captive in the zoo, sad and with an unfortunate past, now they will try to continue their lives in a new home, far from the desolation and mistreatment they lived for so many years.

Both bears are 17 years old.

Their new destiny will be in a sanctuary in Jordan, the place is cared for by Princess Alia Foundation, an organization created by the king’s eldest daughter.

The organizations that preceded the release of the two bears were concerned about their welfare, both were in a delicate state of health.

The bears wiggle back and forth, a sign of boredom stress.

Suzie had a large tumor and underwent surgery to remove it, but ended up with a serious infection.

Fortunately, veterinarians from abroad traveled to the Pakistan Zoo to save her life.

Bubloo, on the other hand, had a dental abscess that caused her behavior to be altered, she presented an aggressive behavior that is not normal for this species.

The two bears were treated by Dr. Amir Khalil, doctor of Four Paws, the organization that preceded the release of the animals and achieved, together with other organizations, the total closure of the zoo.

A spokesman for Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change, Saleem Shaikh, commented:

“Islamabad Zoo is now completely closed for both the public and officials.”

Dr. Amir first visited the zoo in 2016, since then he highlighted that the place was not fit for animals.

On his record the place had 960 animals, but there is no trace of 500 of them.

Pakistani authorities ordered the transfer of all the animals to different shelters where they are receiving all the attention they deserve.

The distressing and painful life these animals had is now a thing of the past. A tragedy that came to an end with the release of the last two remaining bears at the zoo.

Many victories can be won individually, but if we work as a team and continue to support the welfare of all the animals in the world, we will achieve great results.

Share and let’s continue to be part of that community that raises its voice against animal abuse.

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