Life-threatened wild creature touches bus driver who struggled to save it

There are countries in the world that have such a diverse fauna that it is possible to see the most exotic animals in the least expected places, and one of them is Brazil. Just a few weeks ago, a group of passengers on a city bus were surprised to share their trip with a rather peculiar being: a sloth that caught everyone’s attention.

The unexpected visit occurred when bus driver Ronaldo Santana was on his daily route through the northeastern city of Recife.

In the morning hours, Rolando and his collector Marcio Albuquerque spotted the curious animal moving parsimoniously along the road and, fearing it would be run over by a vehicle, decided to stop.

“I parked the bus at the stop and saw something moving. Then we realized it was a sloth walking towards the cars,” said Santana.

Marcio got off the transport unit and picked up the creature very carefully so as not to hurt it, nor hurt himself with its sharp claws, then they both got on the bus. For a moment the man thought about leaving the sloth bear in a wooded area but thought that someone might hurt it.

The moment the curious animal boarded the bus, it caused a commotion among the passengers, who began to take pictures of it and applauded the good deed of the transporters.

People were delighted with the arrival of the bear.

Among the passengers on the bus was Danielle Miranda, a Brazilian woman who was surprised by the unique passenger with whom she had to share her trip on her way to work.

“It was very kind of him. The driver could have passed by, but he didn’t. I had never seen a sloth up close before,” said Moda Uniranda.

These bears are primarily nocturnal, so seeing them at that time of day is quite a curiosity.

Santana, who has been working as a bus driver for 17 years, said it was the first time he had seen a sloth on the road. While his partner was pleased with the beautiful find.

“That day, by chance, I happened to be on duty. Good thing it happened so we could save the little creature. I had seen many agoutis and caimans, mainly at night, but this is the first time I’ve seen a sloth,” said Albuquerque.

At the end of the trip, this little fellow preferred a more private place to rest.

After a few kilometers, the carriers stopped at a police module for the authorities to take care of the sloth and reinsert it into its natural habitat.

This pleasant experience made this furry bear the most photographed and commented on Brazilian networks during the last week.

These bears are folivores, their diet is based exclusively on leaves, twigs and shoots.

No one would expect to meet this passenger on their way to work and for Albuquerque this is something everyone should value.

“People should take more care of nature and these creatures. The deforestation in that area is terrible. So many animals die there that it hurts my heart,” said the bus collector.

Sloths can live between 20 and 30 years in their natural environment.

Beyond the surprise of the passengers, we must applaud the good deed of these two men, share this story and send your appreciation to these great people.

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