Little dog turns a cozy corner of a tree into his new shelter and smiles again

An adorable little dog has won the hearts of millions on social media after he chose a small corner of a tree to become his new shelter.

All doggies have something that makes them unique and wonderful, some prefer to spend their days quietly resting in their favorite place, others, with much more energy love to travel through beautiful landscapes and have great adventures.

Our protagonist is one of those dogs who undoubtedly prefers to have fun and spend his day outdoors.

His family adopted him when he was only one year old.

Arlo was rescued three years ago, when he was about one year old. His first months of life he was locked up and tied to a cage, however, everything changed for him when Bryce LaDuc decided to adopt him and make him part of their family.

From the very first moment, Arlo showed a lot of energy, it was as if he wanted to make up for lost time. Arlo’s mother commented on this:

“He was tied to a doghouse for the entire first year of his life and now he is still making up for lost puppy time by being the most charismatic boy ever.”

His parents thought it was just a passing thing, puppy mischief, but time went by and this beautiful ball of fur still retained the same energy, he is a very dynamic little dog who daily takes care of showing his parents how happy he is.

For Arlo every day is a new opportunity to make mischief and have great adventures, especially if he is outdoors, he loves long walks, enjoying beautiful landscapes and playing in the water.

Of all the things he does, he loves to run from one place to another.

An adventurous little dog who tends to get into some trouble but always ends up amusing his family.

“He marches to the beat of his own drum and is always up to some kind of fun silliness,” said Bryce LaDuc.

Despite an unfortunate past, he’s a creature who exudes light and full of love wherever he goes

This energetic and intelligent furry keeps winning the hearts of his parents, who say their bond grows stronger and stronger as time goes by.

Wherever they go, Arlo makes sure to get into mischief, which, no doubt, quickly becomes a favorite memory.

This time the little dog chose a tree as his great accomplice.

Recently he was with his family walking through a forest when they came across a tree that had a big hole inside, his parents decided to look curiously at the hole without imagining that Arlo would follow in their footsteps. The beautiful ball of fur without thinking twice, jumped inside the hole and let his beautiful face be seen on the other side, his expression of happiness said it all.

“We didn’t warn him, he just wanted to see what we were seeing there,” Bryce said.

His adorable intelligence and insight ended up making his parents fall in love with him.

The little dog was so comfortable that he spent several minutes inside while his family took some pictures. Then he jumped back outside and continued exploring the rest of the forest.

The pictures were shared online and have conquered thousands of hearts around the world, and how could they not, if he is an adorable furry angel in direct contact with mother nature.

The most important thing is that Arlo left his sad past behind and now there is no trace of what he lived through. He only dedicates himself to be happy and to surprise his owners with his witticisms and antics, which are not few.

There is no better recipe for happiness than having a puppy at home, they have the ability to brighten our days and make the ordinary into something truly extraordinary.

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