Little dog waited for a miracle, desperately searching for her puppies in the collapse of a glacier

A mother dog will do everything in her power to safeguard what she loves most. However, sometimes nature surprises us with disasters that test how far a mother’s love can go.

When a natural catastrophe of great magnitude occurs, the first thing everyone thinks of is the people affected, but not all the victims are human. Today, the story of a heartbroken dog mother in India reminds us that even animals suffer from such unfortunate events.

Every life counts and the catastrophe in Uttarakhand has claimed several.

At the beginning of February last year, a glacier in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand broke off, resulting in numerous deaths, injuries and missing persons.

At least 71 lifeless bodies were recovered by rescuers who worked hard to help those affected by the tragedy.

But in the midst of the pain and devastation that reigned on the scene, one courageous and incredible furry dog caught everyone’s attention for her faithfulness and tireless motherly love.

This mixed-breed mother dog was desperately searching for her little puppies.

The puppy lives in Reini village, one of the areas affected by the collapse of the Rishiganga hydroelectric project.

Due to its proximity to the Dhauli Ganga river, the waters devastated everything in their path and the furry puppies were missing.

According to the locals, the mother dog was seen crying and searching incessantly for her pups but so far they have not found her whereabouts.

She just wanted to be reunited with her beloved babies.

The terrible incident was very unfortunate for all the villagers but the relentless search for the little dog truly breaks the heart.

From very early in the morning, the desperate mother could be seen arriving at the place where she used to live with her puppies. She would start sniffing non-stop, and with the help of the rescue team she would prowl the grounds in a last-ditch attempt to find a clue.

The little dog seemed to be willing to look in every possible nook and cranny.

Everyone in the locality was absolutely shocked, so they tried to feed her, but the mongrel was reluctant to enjoy the food without knowing anything about her children.

The story shocked the locals so much that photographer Suraj Singh Bisht decided to record the mother’s pain in pictures.

This little dog tirelessly accompanied the rescuers in the hope that she would find her children with the best of them.

The rescuers were totally touched to see the tenacity of the mother who never gave up, who searched under every corner, under every mound, on every mountain?

The mother would never stop searching even though her hopes were practically nil.

Not even at nightfall did this little mother give up the search.

And although they tried to dissuade her from her work knowing that it was impossible to recover her cubs, she refused to give up trying.

The Indian authorities continued to work in the area, trying to help those affected and to find the whereabouts of the missing people.

Unfortunately, they never found the whereabouts of the little ones. And although she continued to wait for a great miracle, a rescue organization fought to finally take her and offer her a life full of love to help her cope with such a hard emptiness. Since her case went so viral, they hope that she will soon find a family to give her a forever home.

Pain does not distinguish species and no doubt the dogs feel the same way we do, send your blessings to this madrassa that leaves us speechless.

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