Little dog with a crooked smile is looking for someone who will love him unconditionally

Every puppy has something that makes them unique and different, however, some of them have some physical marks that make them even more adorable. This is the story of Zeke, a little dog with a unique smile that has conquered the hearts of all his caregivers.

Zeke has a crooked smile due to a birth problem, since he arrived at the Noah Center in Stanwood, Washington, he quickly conquered all the staff.

Zeke with a crooked smile is looking for a home.

Not only because of his unique smile, but he is by far one of the most energetic and playful puppies the shelter has ever had.

Katrina Wedin, NOAH Center’s dog care coordinator commented on the matter:

“He now has a massive fan club at our shelter, including staff and volunteers.

He wants to be as close to you as possible. If you go to his room at the shelter, the first thing he wants to do is lean over and sit on your lap. Even though he’s a big dog, he really thinks he’s a lap dog.”

This lovable ball of fur quickly caught on to the hearts of all the staff who make life at the shelter.

Zeke is a little dog with boundless energy so he is looking for a family that is willing to accept his pace and take responsibility for future interventions.

A charming little dog with lots of energy.

Due to his condition, it is very likely that he will have to face several surgeries, this hinders his chances of finding a new home, as everyone wants a young, energetic and healthy dog.

However, there are many dogs like Zeke in the shelters, just waiting for a new chance and waiting to belong to a loving family.

Zeke loves attention and interacting with people.

This beautiful puppy first arrived at the shelter in early January when he was only seven months old.

After running several tests the vet determined that his crooked face was due to a birth defect, so his jaw and some of his teeth out of place made his condition more visible.

“He had to undergo some corrective dental surgeries, but otherwise it doesn’t affect his daily life in the slightest,” Wedin said.

After several months at the shelter Zeke managed to be adopted, but his joy of belonging to a family was short-lived, unfortunately his new parents faced difficult times and were forced to return the little dog to the shelter.

Since then, Zeke spends his days waiting to win over his new favorite people and looking forward to being part of a forever family.

“He’s a big, charming, goofy dog with a face that no one can help but fall in love with,” Wedin said.

The staff hopes his unique smile can win someone’s heart.

Because of his excess energy they wish to find him a home with no children and no kittens. Through a release the shelter commented:

“Zeke is a completely energetic and friendly young man looking for a home with a large, fully fenced yard! Zeke has shown too much interest in cats, so we think he would do better without whiskered friends.

He is full of energy but needs a little extra points in the manners department, so he needs to go home with someone who is willing and able to spend some time focused on his training. He will also need a home with no young children.

This fun guy is ready to go home! If you are ready to meet him contact us at 360.629.7055.”

This adorable little dog just wants to spend the rest of his life with the right companionship and with people who will give him all the care and attention he deserves. For now, he is still very happy and enjoying all the pampering his caregivers give him.

Hopefully this charming little dog finds his favorite people and can spend the rest of his days being part of a real family. Let’s remember that regardless of their breed or condition, dogs are earthly angels that only come to this world to be loved.

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