Little kitten insists on staying forever with the family that saved his life

Whether it’s a tiny, vulnerable kitten or a wild animal, they all have the right to life. Fortunately, there are many people willing to fight for their welfare and perform extraordinary gestures to save as many animals as possible.

The rescuers are those people whose hearts are full of love and are always ready to transform lives. Thanks to the work of a rescue group, a litter of kittens, barely a week old, managed to survive after being abandoned.

One kitten especially caught the attention of his rescuers.

Because they were so small, they needed 24-hour care, so a group of volunteers took care of them.

Among the litter was a small feline that especially caught the attention of all those who were trying to save them, it was a ginger kitten much smaller than the rest that was struggling to survive.

The helpless kitten needed special attention.

A more experienced rescuer heard about the kitten and decided to take him home to give him all the personalized care he needed.

Jess, the rescuer, began feeding him with a tube, covered him with a blanket to keep him warm, and stayed with him most of the day. After several days of total uncertainty as to whether he would make it, the kitten began to perk up.

Jess decided to name the furry little guy Baby Mars.

Baby Mars proved to be much stronger than everyone thought, after a few days he began to be fed with a syringe. Soon he would be completely healthy and eating on his own.

The main plan was to get the little feline healthy and strong so he could be adopted.

The kitten likes to snuggle in his rescuer’s arms or on her lap when he naps.

Local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, offered to take care of him and watch over the kitten while he went to his new home. Celine Crom, who is a member of the local shelter, in this regard notes:

“Jess took care of the kitten. She fed him every two hours, kept him warm and loved. That’s what saved his life.”

As soon as Baby Mars began to gain weight and strength in his paws, he was motivated to eat on his own, often trying to get into the food bowl.

His stay at the shelter was short; a Chatons Orphelins Montreal volunteer offered to give him a foster home while he found a forever family.

The sweet kitten liked to purr before bedtime.

As this was happening, Baby Mars was growing and with it the love felt by his foster mom Coralie.

She took him everywhere to make sure he could eat on time, wanted him to grow strong and find him a home when he was ready. But apparently, little Babe Mars’ plans were different.

Enjoy his incredible transformation in the video below.

The cuddly ginger had completely won the hearts of his foster family. When it came time for adoption, Coralie knew the kitten belonged to her so she decided to officially adopt him.

“At three months old, Mars was officially adopted by his foster family, it’s a perfect match,” remarked Celine.

This little ball of fur now shares a home with other kittens, who although bigger than him, is the most unruly and always asks for all the attention. Coralie comments on this:

“He is very persuasive with his little meows, and his big eyes. Sometimes, he waits and stares at his human until he gets what he wants: cuddles.”

The journey for Baby Mars has been far from easy but he had the support of incredible people who bet on his recovery.

The little ginger is now a ball of love with a home and a favorite person who watches over everything to see him happy and healthy.

Let’s not stop supporting the local rescue centers, any gesture is symbolic for those heroes without a cape who leave their souls saving those who later will bring us so much happiness.

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