Little kitten who refused to get out of a cardboard box, shows his true personality

An adorable kitten named Beans is enjoying a new lease on life after being rescued from a cardboard box. From the first moment he saw his rescuer he kept hissing and crying.

Despite being very small, he used his instinct to hide, so his rescuer had to be very patient in order to gain the little furry’s trust. After several minutes, Beans realized that he was a good person and finally gave in to his charms.

Kitten enjoys a new opportunity, now he keeps purring and attracting attention.

Ryann Torrero member of the rescue group that took in the kitten commented on the matter:

“The kitten was found in a box in an enclosed area in an office building near Van Nuys, California. He was very scared at first and unsure around humans. Being so small and without his mom or siblings, it’s completely understandable.”

Gradually the kitten came out of his shell. All it took was for his rescuers to stroke him on his back for him to let out the sweetest purrs.

Without hesitation, he approached Taylor, his rescuer, gently scratching his head next to him.

Taylor took to the interwebs for help, that’s when Ryann came along, who contacted Baby Kitten Rescue, a local rescue group in Los Angeles and inquired about a foster home. Founder Caroline Grace, shared about it:

“I told her we were full, but that we would back her up and take him to the rescue if she could foster him. And she agreed. She picked up supplies that day and I gave her instructions on how to care for him. Beans was 5 to 6 weeks old and already eating wet food like a champ.”

Ryann agreed to be the little kitty’s foster mom, on his first night home, the sweet kitty seemed a little nervous, hiding under the bed and occasionally coming out for some cuddles.

The next day, he was encouraged to come out of hiding and face his new reality with the best attitude.

Fear was in the past, he started to play with toys and explore every corner of his new home. In respect her foster mother commented:

“We started to see his personality very funny, adorable and mischievous.”

It didn’t take long for this adorable kitten to grow into a fluffy, energetic ball.

Beans was loving his new life and didn’t hesitate to show it, enjoying good food, lots of toys, a clean bed, and most importantly, the care of wonderful people who watched over his well-being.

“After a couple of days, we could see Beans’ confidence and his realization that he was safe. His personality was coming out in full force. He is extremely curious and mischievous. He loves to cuddle and be in close contact with his people. He purrs whenever he receives affection and cuddles. He is precious, funny, cunning, sweet and everything you could wish for in a kitten.”

The shy little kitten has transformed into an energetic and loving furry. Every day he enjoys his foster home and all the love Ryann and her partner give him.

“Beans loves to lie in the sun in the afternoons, fall asleep touching you in some way, chase his little soccer ball, sneak attack if you are not paying attention. He has a lot of fun challenging himself by jumping off the furniture. The best part is watching him fall asleep with a full belly, after a warm bath, in big fluffy blankets knowing he was safe. Now, he is the cutest, happiest, fluffiest kitten.”

There are many rescued, shivering kittens from the streets who go on to become the center of a home. Thank you to those who make a difference.

Remember that love is not bought, it is adopted, it is rescued.

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