Look out the remarkable recovery of a stray dog that shouldn’t have survived

Saint, a Pit Bull, was on the verge of death when he was discovered living in a camp. His thin body was being destroyed by a slew of parasites, and he was sick of coping with the agony every day. He really wanted his pain to stop, so he refused to do anything that might keep him alive.

Heather, a lady, discovered Saint’s plight, and it broke her heart. Overwhelmed with compassion for the helpless pup, she decided to adopt him as a hospice dog. The plan was to make him feel loved and at ease in his dying days, but Heather was perplexed when Saint flatly refused to eat.

Saint had become completely shut down as a result of his stressful existence, and he just wanted to give up. As he started to lose his vigor, he didn’t care about being patted or engaging with his caregivers. Even when he couldn’t stand on his own, Heather did all she could to make him feel important–and it changed everything!

Heather’s tireless attempts to cheer up Saint touched his heart, and he resolved to fight for her! He resumed eating and eventually reconnected with the outside world. His health improved gradually and steadily, and he regained his zest for life!

Despite the baggage of his past, Saint decided to live in the present and prosper with his new family! He started to look forward to those liberated car drives, beach outings, and play dates. Given that he was at his lowest point at the start of this video, it’s a real treat to see him seeking love towards the conclusion! Saint is a true survivor and advocate of the downtrodden!

Watch Saint go from zero to hero after accepting his second shot at life in the video below!

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