Lost puppy is heartbroken when he wants to go home but is rejected by his family

There is nothing stronger for animal lovers than to see a lonely and disoriented puppy wandering the streets. Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality that a great number of furry dogs have to face, some of them, with more luck, manage to be rescued and have the happy ending they deserve.

The puppy was rescued 10 miles away from his former home.

This is the story of Bobi, a little dog who was found wandering near a train station in Romania, when he was first spotted by Howl Of A Dog volunteers, he was walking along the train tracks, looking very sad and hungry.

Because of where they were, rescuers feared he would be run over, so their first option was to redirect him to a safer place.

He was emaciated and very sad.

Although Bobi was very shy, he trusted the rescuers and gradually approached them. Upon checking him briefly, they noticed that he had an injury to one of his eyes and was limping.

From the first moment Bobi revealed that he was a very sweet puppy, he had surrendered to the caresses of those who became his true angels, so the transfer to the veterinary clinic went in the best way.

The dog quickly trusted the rescuers.

At the clinic they examined him and after scanning him they discovered that he had a microchip, it is possible that the family was desperately looking for him and had not heard from him for a long time.

The staff contacted the puppy’s family, but to everyone’s surprise, they said they no longer wanted him and asked if they could keep him.

His family had officially turned him away.

Rescue center staff were able to determine that the puppy had run away from home, at the time he was rescued he was about 10 miles away from what was once his home.

The rescue center launched a major campaign to find him a new family, people willing to love him unconditionally. Bobi was entering his golden years and had gone blind in his left eye.

The little dog is about 9 years old.

Although he is an older puppy, he still has a lot of energy and is very playful. For a while Bobi was in a foster home, where he discovered what it feels like to be a loved and completely happy puppy.

His fate changed forever thanks to Howl Of A Dog allowing international adoptions in the United States, Canada and Europe. Through a publication the rescue center released the great news:

“Bobi at the airport in Vienna, getting ready for his flight to his forever HOME in Delaware, USA. Bobi’s foster family has a lot of experience with older dogs and he will receive the best care. They have a very nice home with a large backyard, close to the ocean, so there will be lots of walks on the beaches for Bobi. He has arrived safe and sound in his new home.”

Bobi spends his days surrounded by lots of love and enjoyment with his foster brothers, Jackson and Bo, two beautiful Australian Shepherds with whom he has become inseparable.

This sweet little dog has adapted very well to his new home.

His new parents, Dawn and Donny, are happy to have given him the opportunity to enjoy a real home.

“He is doing great now and loves life. He loves to sleep on the couch near the fireplace, play with his brothers, Jack and Bo, and eat yummy treats,” the rescue center posted.

You will find the most beautiful look in the world in the eyes of a rescued puppy. Remember that true love can heal even the deepest wound of the past.

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