Loving puppy returned to shelter 1 year after adoption seeks a home

When a puppy is adopted, everyone at the shelter hopes that his story will end with “and he lived happily ever after”, but unfortunately this does not happen in all cases.

It was precisely this bleak outlook that cleared up in Shorty’s life the moment she was adopted.

This little dog went from being the happy and chubby furry one in the shelter to a helpless and sad little dog.

Roland, now christened Shorty, lived for a time at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, after being rescued from the streets.

Shorty stayed there until he was two years old, when a couple became interested in him and wanted to take him home.

At that moment, the dog’s caretakers believed that life was giving the dog a chance to be happy.

No one imagined how wrong they were.

In 2019, Shorty weighed just over 18 kilograms. The furry fellow was a bit overweight, but not so much so that the situation would compromise his health.

Therefore, the caregivers did not hesitate to share his photos on social networks and then interested people began to write.

After passing through several filters, the dog found a couple who promised to make him happy, but everything changed.

Little is known about that year in which the dog was out of the shelter, but in 2020 Shorty reappeared in the place with a radical change.

The canine was down to his bones, he had lost so much weight that his ribs could be counted through his skin. On top of that, the canine was no longer that cheerful little dog that came out of the shelter.

Predictably, the caregivers took him back.

It seems that Shorty’s owners had some financial problems in the wake of the pandemic: they had lost their jobs and their homes. They were forced to sleep on the street, in a vehicle, and barely had enough to eat.

These circumstances made it impossible for them to properly care for the puppy, and the issue was evident in Shorty’s appearance.

Shorty could not even stand up or hold his head up for long periods of time.

Shorty was very weak and the owners were forced to take the decision to return him, maybe they did it a little late, but in the shelter they bet on receiving him and praying that all was not lost with the dog.

There was no time to lose and Jamie C., the founder of the shelter, knew that very well, that’s why she took the furry dog in her arms and decided to fight hand in hand for him.

This woman has more than 11 years as a rescuer and has faced several cases.

Jamie understood that his former owners had gone through a lot of hardship, but she didn’t understand how they could have allowed the little dog to fall into such a state.

Luckily, everyone’s love at the shelter and care began to take effect. Besides, Shorty was not ready to give up.

It seems that the furry one had recognized the place, the people and was able to trust the group of humans again.

As the days passed, the little dog grew stronger and surprised Jamie by standing up.

“I found out this morning that Shorty decided he was sick of lying horizontally… Today he got up by himself, took 20 steps to entertain the guests and then decided to take another 20 steps.

After that, he got bored and chose to just wait for his treats in the cupboard,” the woman said on her social media.

The little dog proved to have an incredible spirit and the strength that sometimes many lack, Shorty was able to recover in a month of care and recovered in those 30 days more than 15 kilograms.

But that was not the only thing, the little dog was back to smiling and being the friendly dog he was two years ago at the shelter. Shorty is now at a healthy weight and is ready to start a new story.

If you think you are the ideal human for this little guy, don’t hesitate to fill out your application and give him the “happily ever after” that he so richly deserves.

All dogs deserve to be loved and protected until their last breath, it is a commitment of all of us to fight against unfair treatment and abandonment.



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