Loyal puppy captured refusing to leave his owner’s seat when he can’t see him anymore

A puppy can be the most faithful and loyal of all creatures. Their ability to love, to be with us through thick and thin, and to be our greatest source of comfort in the hard times of life, is something we can never repay them enough.

But when we humans are the ones who are missing in their lives, our hearts tremble?

The loss of a loved one will always be the object of a deep sadness capable of intoxicating the soul of any creature, because love does not distinguish between species. For this reason, the stories of loyal dogs that remain faithful to their owners even after death are nothing new to us, although they do not cease to move us.

On this occasion, a puppy named Wiggles made more than one of us shed tears on Reddit.

After a Reddit publication revealed the loyalty that the poor little dog has for his father, the users of the mentioned social network have not stopped sharing his image.

The photo shows the dog resting on the seat of a pickup truck, the place where he used to spend the day when his owner was still alive.

The animal does not want to leave that seat that brings back so many memories.

According to what the man who shared the image wrote, Wiggles was by dad’s side on the day of his death but, despite the fact that he himself saw him off, the faithful little dog can’t forget him.

“The dog was by his bedside in the living room when he died. He never left the room during the month Dad was there. We had to force him out to go to the bathroom,” commented the son of the deceased.

Although the man’s father and Wiggles’ owner died in June, the little dog still has a habit of climbing onto the deceased’s old crane. This is the way he used to do when the owner was alive.

Every time someone starts the engine of the machine at the impound lot, Wiggles gets desperate and runs to the site to be let in.

After the ride is over, the little animal is reluctant to get off and the family has decided to oblige, letting him spend some time alone in the seat. This is the time he needs alone with his pain, until he finds solace on his own.

This chubby, sleepy little dog doesn’t forget the beautiful old times with his father.

“Whoever drives him lets him in. If no one uses him that day, he’ll go to the door and bark until someone opens it and lets him in,” the guy wrote in the post.

As the user identified on Reddit as AmericanBulldag wrote, he “just wanted to share the photo because it was heartwarming” and boy is it heartwarming!

Since then, the comments from excited netizens have been non-stop.

“She looks so sad. Please give him all the love his daddy gave him”, “Man’s best friend, no matter what”, “Poor little angel, no one will love him as much as his late daddy”, are just some of them.

Doggies have a great memory and an extremely loyal heart. No matter how much time passes since the departure of their owners, we are sure that these four-legged friends will always remember them; and if you doubt it, just think of the loyalty that Wiggles has shown.

This canine is still dreaming of his human daddy in the cold seat of the tow truck, may his example of loyalty serve for owners to learn to value their pets. No one loves you more than your furry friend!

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