Loyal puppy sacrifices his life fighting a deadly cobra to save his family

Dai Bao was a beautiful Siberian puppy, for whom loyalty, love and gratitude towards his family reached unsuspected limits, to the point of sacrificing his own life.

Whoever saw the photos of this little dog with such a shiny coat and captivating look, when he was a sad and hopeless little street dog, could not believe that it was the same dog.

Dai Bao, after spending a hard life of desolation, abandonment and neglect on the streets, was suffering from malnutrition, alopesia and several diseases that domestic puppies are treated for at birth, but that strays suffer from with no solution.

It was in early July 2019, when a man named Ye Yufang Yap, learned of his sad situation through a Facebook post from a group that rescues stray animals, in the community of Taiping.

It was a little dog abandoned on the streets of Houlang, Malaysia, in truly pitiful conditions. His pictures tore her heart out, so she didn’t hesitate to go with her son to feed him. What she saw was frankly heartbreaking: skinny, neglected, dirty and sick, no one wanted to adopt him.

So it was that at just 14 kilos, with a serious skin disease, and extremely thin after prolonged starvation, the Yap family, at the request of rescuers, decided to adopt him for good.

Within a matter of a couple of months, there was no trace left of that vulnerable, sick and malnourished little dog. And he grew into a truly majestic, strong and loving furry boy.

And although his family witnessed several acts of love from the puppy, as if he wanted to thank them for everything they had done for him, they could not have imagined that his heart was this big and that his courage and faithfulness would go so far.

Dai Bao proved in an incredibly heroic act that he was the most faithful of all.

It was last Saturday morning when only the grandmother and the youngest member of the family were in the family home. The boy heard Dai Bao’s whimpering and rushed to the garden to see what was going on. He was truly shocked to see his little dog engaged in a melee with a deadly cobra nearly 2 meters long.

At one point, the brave Dai Baom slackened his jaw and ended up bitten and collapsed on the ground.

The minor saw how his little dog immediately started panting, his nose was bleeding and his eyebrows were swollen. Although they acted as soon as the parents arrived at the home, and took him to the vet, sadly it was too late.

His owners discovered that Dai Bao had confronted the cobra at the front door. Clearly, the little dog acted as his family’s best guardian angel, otherwise the deadly animal could have entered the house and attacked the little boy, or the grandmother.

It seemed that the little dog still had a lot to thank them for saving him, and once again he wanted to repay the favor, but this time he did it in a way that was as tragic as it was heroic.

Ye Yufang revealed that eventually the little dog died giving his life for the whole family, and they decided to bury him under a big tree next to the house, which was one of his favorite places.

Now they know that from the other side of the rainbow, Dai Bao will be waiting for them. And although they bitterly mourn his departure, they will live eternally grateful for that infinite act of love that they will never forget. Surely, we don’t deserve dogs! Share!

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