Makes a movable bed so her elderly dog can walk on the beach one last time

An elderly dog was able to visit her favorite place thanks to her owner’s act of love by making a mobile bed to carry her.

Although her health condition did not allow her to walk as before, it was very important for her to enjoy the breeze, the sun and listen to the sound of the ocean waves.

Eager to continue sharing unforgettable moments with her great friend, her owner set to work to fulfill her last wish.

Surely, you may have noticed that older dogs also suffer changes with age, they are no longer as active and mobile, however, they are still eager to play.

The fact that their body is no longer the same, means that we must be the ones to adapt to their new lifestyle.

This is the story of Cocoa, a 16-year-old autumnal Chesapeake Bay Retriever and her loving family. As a youngster, she exploded with energy. As a grown-up, her muscles and bones have weakened.

He can barely walk, but he still loves adventure as much as he did years ago in his native Virginia Beach, USA.

In view of the situation, the family came to the conclusion that they had to do something to keep the tradition alive.

So, moments before her last trip to the place of Cocoa’s love, they built her a special mobile bed so she could move around and experience the sea breeze once again.

And so it was that, despite her condition, Cocoa did not stop having fun until the end of her life. She traveled from her home in Georgia to Virginia Beach for the last time, along with Tom Antonino and his wife.

He revisited his beloved dog park and walked on his little bed by the sea under an amazing sunset.

These were dream places for Cocoa, who loved the outdoors and exploring. However, as the white leaves of the years fell upon her, these beloved activities became increasingly difficult to do.

But the little dog longed for her walks in beautiful scenery.

“My wife and I thought of a way to take her for a walk with a mechanical walker and that sort of thing. We had a rope and a bed and that’s how we built the vehicle,” said Antonino.

The truth is that it was a great idea, unique in its style, overflowing with empathy and love for a pet that of this exemplary couple.

With a lot of love and dedication, they managed to make their beloved dog live happily until her last breath.

Cocoa was relaxing in her mobile bed, but she still felt a little uncomfortable and out of place. But, when she got out of the car and started walking, she was truly delighted.

The makeshift contraption attracted hundreds of stares in Virginia Beach. In fact, one astonished woman stopped to ask Antonino about the device. She then posed with Cocoa for a photo to remember.

Unfortunately, the little dog Cocoa left this shot naturally. Her fame grew on social media, but she didn’t live forever. Truly, her story was one that left an indelible mark in the hearts of many dog lovers.

“I feel privileged and very proud to have shared 16 years of my life with Cocoa. We will never forget her,” Antonino added.

The relationship that was established between Cocoa and her humans, is one of the closest, strongest and most unbreakable that can exist.

They became a united and wonderful family where love prevailed in the face of difficulties.

Rest in peace, my friend. May there be many more sunsets in your afterlife. Fly high, Cocoa! All dogs, no matter their age or condition, deserve to be loved until their last breath.

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