Man adopts a dog with a tumor so that he could live his last moments feeling loved

All dogs deserve to be loved until their last breath, regardless of their condition they need love and protection. Unfortunately, sometimes they are left to their own devices, denied the opportunity to have the warmth of a home even when they are at their most vulnerable, sick, elderly or suffering from a special condition.

Coco is an extremely loving and loyal little dog that life played a dirty trick on him: the pet was diagnosed with cancer, a disease that unfortunately becomes visible due to a huge tumor in his head.

Since Coco’s damage is in the brain, part of his little head is deformed and this has meant a problem for the dog, who has not been able to stay with a stable family.

The dog was rejected because of his delicate health condition.

Four families have decided to adopt him in recent months, but the dog is always returned to the shelter.

Apparently these people had in mind that it would be much better to adopt a young and healthy dog, with which to spend several happy years.

What they don’t know is that it is precisely in the last stages of life that this little dog needs the most love and is able to repay them with the most loyal friendship in the world.

It is cruel the idea of preferring dogs with certain conditions over others, who in the same way need love, attention and the possibility of being in a warm home, where they can receive the affection of people.

Luciano Karosas thought exactly this way, so when the young Argentinean saw on Twitter the publication in which it was assured that Coco was waiting for a good home, he did not hesitate for a moment to adopt him.

Once with Coco’s care under his responsibility, Luciano changed his name and decided to baptize him Thanos.

He also took him to a veterinarian friend who works with stem cells, hoping that the dog’s health would have some hope. He was determined to do what he could to improve the sick dog’s quality of life and to offer him his love until it was time for him to leave.

Chanchulo is Luciano’s other pet dog.

Luciano Karosas Argentina

Unfortunately, Thanos’ disease was so advanced that the time was not right for a treatment of this kind to be able to yield good results.

Luciano had to settle for the idea that soon his new pet would be out of his life.

Thanos was doomed. In 41 days, approximately, the little dog would cease to live, but Luciano was not willing to let him leave this world without first experiencing all the love that a pet like him deserves.

Luciano and Thanos have been living together for a month now.

Thanos dog with brain tumor 1 Argentina

Through his Instagram account, Luciano has been documenting how his life has been, sharing with a dog of these conditions.

He has also made it clear to users, that nothing will make him give up his idea of loving his pet until his last breath of life.

Luciano assures that Thanos is the most loving dog he has ever had.

Thanos, dog with brain tumor 1 Argentina

It is admirable the determination of this man willing to offer all the happiness possible to his pet in the last stage of his life.

I hope there are more people like him in the world, who value the life of dogs and know how to love them unconditionally, as they do with us. We have a lot to learn from animals, to be noble and loyal.

We celebrate that Thanos will finally be surrounded by affection, protection and love after facing such difficult moments.

And we applaud the gesture of this noble young man who without hesitation did what few dared to do to give the little dog the opportunity to feel loved.

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