Many find it hard to believe the rare viral animal with epic face is real

Nature will never cease to surprise us. Despite the tireless work of scientists and biologists, there are still thousands of species that we do not know and there are countless animals that are just beginning to be known to us.

This is something we remember every time someone on the networks starts talking about a peculiar little animal and millions of users respond saying that they had no idea that something like this existed.

Normally, it is a species that lives in Australia but recently there is a small and strange animal that has caused a furor in the networks. It is a round animal that at first glance could look like a simple rock.

Some would believe that it could be a kind of turtle but it is clear that it does not have a shell. The curious animal caused so many comments on the networks that there were even many who claimed that it could not be real.

“It has a very funny expression. It looks like it feels ashamed of having eaten too much,” joked one user on the networks.

The debate was only growing until finally an expert on the subject decided to clarify the identity of the strange animal.

“This frog is causing a furor on the networks. It is a blunt-headed burrowing frog. It lives in mainland Southeast Asia,” Jodi Rowley said.

Jodi is a biologist who specializes in amphibians. She thought it was hilarious to learn that a species as special as the burrowing frog was becoming quite the celebrity on the interwebs so she decided to talk a little about it.

“It spends most of its life underground, waiting for rain. Its shape is very useful for digging and conserving water,” the biologist explained.

Normally, this frog doesn’t find itself looking so round and strange at all times. If it senses that it is in a dangerous situation it has the ability to enlarge itself to try to scare off any potential enemy.

They are not used to the presence of humans and that is why they tend to look huge whenever someone approaches to take their picture.

“It swells up to look big and scary,” Jodi assured.

Those who had their bets on making sure it was some kind of turtle or bizarre ceramic project simply failed to get it right. Luckily, Jodi’s explanation will help many of us learn a little more about how wonderful animals are.

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