Mermaid Allegedly Washes Up on African Shore

from African mermaid and baby mermaid skeletons to bizarre fish-like creatures on docks that could scare the living daylights out of you here are some real-life mermaids that will answer the long tail of a simple question about mermaid’s existence mermaid lying in the sun it is rather common for people to encounter sea creatures occasionally when they visit shallow water this time however it was different since this guy came upon a mythical marine creature that was also interested in the same thing.

fisherman captures mermaid this mermaid discovery is a recent one a group of Indonesian fishermen came across a strange creature and upon taking a closer look they found that it was the notorious mythical creature as you can see in the clip that they pushed it around a bit just to make sure that they were not making any false assumptions the clip went viral the moment it hit the internet however the marine experts refused to believe that it was a mermaid and claimed that it was either amenity or some other aquatic animal mermaid of Kenya

around a human figure with a long moving tail linked to its torso which clearly makes it a mermaid the poor thing was having trouble breathing and was flapping her fins still people are concerned that it might be a hoax but if you ask me i’ll totally say that it looks like a real deal as you know no human wearing a prosthetic tail could move in that manner mermaid spotted in shallow water .

Is this the greatest hoax of 2022?

Viewers of the alleged mermaid video may be disappointed to see the clip end with no resolution. However, that hasn’t stopped the YouTube clip from circulating across nearly 1 million screens, with many people hoping that the footage is real.

“I’m like 50/50, but honestly, it looks more like a fish was trying to eat the girl. If it was a mermaid, don’t you think they would try to flip it over and see what’s in the back of her body? Every person would get curious and try to see everything about it. I can’t also say it’s fake because I [wasn’t] there, but I’m curious now,” one YouTuber user commented.

“I appreciate the effort they put into making it. Looks 10 percent real,” another user weighed in.

“Look at the radiation emitting from her chest. 100% real,” a true believer commented.

And What do you think about that?






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