Mother cat lives trapped for a year in a fishing net and her baby falls into the same ordeal

An innocent cat had the misfortune of being trapped in a fishing net for no less than ONE YEAR. It is soon said, definitely what this anguished mother had to suffer shocks many, but the outcome touches more than one.

The story we will share with you below happened in a fishing village in South Korea.

There, a kitten suffered for a long time from a painful situation, being entangled with one of her offspring in a net.

Watching this scene was truly distressing

Fishing nets and cats are not good friends at all. Attracted by the smell of fish, many kittens fall into them, putting their lives in danger.

They also tend to play with this jumble of threads, without imagining the danger they run in doing so.

The kitten was hanging by its neck from the net, its life was in grave danger.

One day a kitten fell into one of these nets. She immediately began to meow in desperation and luckily her cry was heard by the right person. A woman who lived nearby rushed to her aid.

She cut the net just enough for the kitten to escape, however, being so nervous and frightened, the woman could not completely remove the net from the animal’s body. A good part of it remained on her neck and front paws.

The kitten continued to live with this condition, although the lady was sure that it was a real risk for her.

As time went by, the kitten became pregnant and when she gave birth, one of her offspring met the same fate: it was caught in the net that the mother was carrying on her body.

Despite this terrible situation, the cat did not stop taking care of her offspring for a second.

The lady knew that the problem could not wait another minute and as she did not have the means to help her, she turned to professional help. The rescue team arrived and began to evaluate the kitten’s behavior.

They realized that despite the nightmare she was living, she did not neglect her other kittens for a second.

Sedated, it was very easy to free her from the net that was causing her so many problems.

The devoted mother deserved help as soon as possible and it didn’t take a second to set up a cage with food.

It was extremely easy to capture the mother and the baby entangled with her. They got the rest of the kittens to safety and took the opportunity to assess their condition. Fortunately, except for the injuries caused by the fishing net, the whole family was doing very well.

The kitten had a deep neck injury from the net, but it was not serious.

The kitten was sedated, the net was removed from her body and she underwent successful treatment. Her kitten’s injuries were minor, so there were no problems with her recovery.

Fortunately for the whole family, they were safe and well on their way to a new life, far away from the dangers of fishing nets and other objects that, like these, are capable of causing very serious disruptions in the lives of many animals.

The family is now in recovery, enjoying a peaceful and safe life.

This fortunate rescue deserves to be spread on social networks, so that some people become aware of the dangers to which certain animals are exposed due to the actions of man.

The following video tells the story of this unfortunate kitten:

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