Mother dog digs with her heroes to reach her babies

A mother’s protective instinct is priceless, and although it is something we should take for granted in most human mothers, sadly it is not. And many times it is animals who give us real lessons in true love.

A touching video of a mother dog exhausting all her efforts to save her babies in distress under the rubble of a house has melted the hearts of thousands of netizens.

The worried mother led her heroes to help them dig out with all their mightmother

The scenes took place in India when volunteers from the renowned rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited, who stage breathtaking rescues of animals in terrible distress on a daily basis, could hear the desperate cries of a mother.

She began to plead for help for her babies in distress.

They were howls of wailing and desperation, as her babies had been buried under rubble after a house completely collapsed.

In the 4-minute video, the puppy, who was named Mama, can be seen directing the rescuer to a particular corner.

Not even seconds passed and she started digging and digging with her snout and paws amidst the heavy rocks that prevented her from reaching her babies.

“We followed her lead and started digging to save the cubs,” they mention in the video.

They just proceeded to remove the rocks one by one, a task that turned into an osidea, making the rescuer sweat as much as possible, while they did not give up in their efforts just to see the inexhaustible mother who also did not stop fighting.

“We didn’t know if the babies were still alive, but the mother dog did,” they recounted.

Mama’s determination was what kept them going.

“She would tell us exactly where to dig and wanted to help with all the rescue tasks personally, she wanted to dig by herself,” they recall.

Despite pulling her aside so they could do their job, the mother didn’t seem to fully trust that what the good men were doing was enough, her little ones’ lives were at stake and there was no time to waste.

“She made sure we hurried to get to where her cubs were in time.”

He continued digging until the high-pitched cries of the cubs could be heard, wails that would forever be etched in his memory.

Suddenly they saw a tiny little head full of mud. And they knew the babies were alive, just as their mother had told them.

Finally they pulled out one of the little ones, and then another….

Mama rested to nurse her little one and trusted her rescuers as they searched for her other baby.

She was truly relieved to have her babies back.

Biting rocks with her snout and tearing at debris with her paws, that’s what a self-respecting mother would do to save her babies.

They were immediately taken to a safe place so that the babies could be nursed.

The rescuers mentioned that Mama would be spayed as soon as her babies were weaned.

Here’s the full video of the rescue that will melt your heart:

“My heart broke when I saw how stressed Mama was trying to remove the debris with her mouth! Well done for helping save the babies,” said one excited netizen after the video went viral.

It is undoubtedly an impressive rescue that portrays the unstoppable love of a mother for whom the only thing that matters is the lives of her children, no matter if saving them requires taking down an entire mountain. So much to learn!

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