Naughty dog escapes from his kennel and takes all the toys out of the shelter to celebrate

They say that the fun never stops when you own a furry one, but perhaps neither does the mess, and this is confirmed by a naughty little dog who, taking advantage of the loneliness in the shelter, went straight to the new toys to throw a party.

His name is Gilligan, a dog who faced severe problems and who has already left behind all the sadness of his first days of life.

This mischievous puppy was living on the street until a group of volunteers rescued him.

Workers at the Bedford County Humane Society in Pennsylvania took Gillian off the streets when he was just a sick and skittish puppy. However, those shady days are behind him and now the canine is smiling happily thanks to the love and support he was given at the shelter.

This mischievous little dog knew how to win the hearts of everyone at the place.

It turns out that the furry dog is one of the oldest at the shelter and therefore everyone knows and helps him. In fact, given his good humor, Gillian is one of the door dogs on site.

“He’s an excellent doorman in the office. Every time someone walks through the gates, he lets us know while he patiently waits for the visitor to bring him treats or even a new toy.

He has definitely made progress,” said Joyce Ross, an employee at the shelter.

Despite the fact that after his rehabilitation the furry dog had demonstrated impeccable behavior, last December he threw a big party that left everyone surprised.

Gillian showed what a naughty little dog she could be, and she couldn’t contain herself from having fun with all kinds of toys.

Thanks to the carelessness of one of the unattended people, the naughty puppy escaped from his cubicle and knowing that he was alone in the building, he decided to visit all those forbidden places.

But that didn’t stop there, Gillian discovered a great haul that she couldn’t resist. The dog found some boxes of toys that had been given to the shelter by some benefactors.

The dog didn’t hold back and started playing with them, but things got out of control.

The naughty little dog threw a party for himself, which did not end until exhaustion got the better of him. The next morning the volunteers were surprised at the huge mess made.

“He spent a long time checking to see if anyone was in the building. Once he realized he was alone, he went straight for the toys.

One by one, he pulled them out of the pile we had just received from all our Christmas donations, and brought them into the hallway to play with them and take out the noisiest ones,” Ross said.

The furry one really enjoyed the mischief, as he dragged the dozens of toys down every hallway and room in the shelter.

It seems he was thrilled to see that they were all available to him without any restrictions. The funniest part of the whole thing is that the naughty little dog showed no remorse whatsoever.

“He had no remorse and was happy to see a familiar face,” Ross said.

Despite the mess he made, his caretakers were not upset but surprised by the mischief.

“Everyone at the shelter thought it was funny that, he didn’t destroy anything in the building besides the dog toys.

First, we went through all the toys to check for survivors to possibly play with again.

He spared most of the ones that didn’t have squeakers because that’s what he was looking for. Once we retrieved some of the toys that could be reused, cleanup was fairly easy,” Ross said.

All animals should live as happily as good old Gillian, who has made her fascination with squeaky toys clear to her caregivers.

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