Pit bull mother approaches strangers and begs them to help her retrieve her puppies

Pit bull dogs are beautiful animals that come to suffer excessively because they are dangerous dogs. This story may break your heart at first but don’t worry, things are slowly coming back to normal and everything is looking better and better for this adorable family.

Workers at the Villalobos Pitbull Rescue Center in New Orleans received a call from a security guard alerting them to an emaciated puppy, in very bad shape and apparently nursing.

If so, her puppies were probably close by. So these heroes as soon as they could approached the vicinity of the parking lot where the puppy was loitering to come to her rescue.

None of the neighbors could say if the puppy had an owner, but what was certain was that the puppies could be in serious danger, they had little time to act.

When the rescuers arrived, they could not believe their eyes, but almost burst into tears when the puppy came running to them, as if she knew they were there to help her:

“She came running towards us from the other side of the road, she looked straight at me as if asking for help.”

Then they looked at her and were almost heartbroken to see her deplorable state and said to themselves, “If this is how the mother is, I wouldn’t like to think how her cubs will be.” That’s how they nicknamed her Mama.

Instantly, the distraught Mama directed them to a property where her little ones were. She knew she could trust them. But when they arrived, they couldn’t believe what they found.

It was a house where the owner told them about the landlord, who was apparently the friend of Mama’s landlord, who a few months ago had gone to prison. But no one took care of her, leaving her in her pregnant state with a totally uncertain fate.

Although in principle the friend was the one who was in charge of her, it was noticeable that she did not receive the slightest attention from him.

“You don’t keep a dog like that, in that condition, leaving it to roam the streets for months!” said one of the rescuers.

When they tried to save Mama along with her babies, it was impossible. The man only wanted to hand over the mother. So they took her away so that she could be cared for and strong. It was urgent to get her to safety and then to reunite her with her cubs.

The rescuers knew that everything Mama had gone through was not fair, so they went back with a lawyer so they could get the puppies back.

With the help of the officers, they pulled them out one by one, who amazingly had survived.

They were very weak, but they knew that as soon as they saw their mother they would get all the strength to recover, and at the same time Mama would also recover completely if she had the puppies by her side again.

And finally mother and puppies found each other!

Help make the story of this furry and adorable family known to all.

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