Pit bull puppy grieving over loss of babies takes comfort in caring for orphaned puppy

A puppy suffering from the loss of her babies found comfort by offering her care to an orphaned puppy.

The poor mother, named Daya, was stranded on the cold streets of York, South Carolina, USA, when animal control members found her.

Daya was pregnant, so they moved her to a dog shelter where she stayed for a while waiting for the chance to be adopted. But since no family was interested in her, there was a risk that she would be euthanized in compliance with the shelter’s policy when they do not have the capacity to take in more animals.

Fortunately, the HalfWay There Rescue Foundation learned of Daya’s case and took the necessary steps to get her out of the shelter and help her find a home where she could give birth to her puppies.

The poor dog needed the love of a family, she had suffered a lot surviving on the street and it was time to know how it felt to rest in a comfortable bed, to be loved and protected.

Someone came along who was willing to adopt Daya, but the case took a devastating turn when she was taken to a veterinary clinic for evaluation and it was found that sadly none of the 9 puppies she was expecting had vital signs.

The puppy lost all 9 puppies she was expecting

“Her 9 puppies were in the process of being reabsorbed by her own body. This had caused a serious infection in her uterus that necessitated emergency surgery when she was admitted to the veterinary clinic for a simple check-up,” recounted a worker at HalfWay There Rescue.

Daya underwent surgery and they were able to save her life, days later she started to recover, but her mood was not good.

The dog was very sad, she felt a lot of pain for the loss of her puppies, she adopted a very unusual behavior due to the uncertainty of not knowing what had happened to her babies.

It was not easy for Daya to understand how from one moment to the next her puppies were gone and she did not even have the opportunity to meet them.

She would reach out to any object she could find, pet it and clean it. It was as if she had a need to protect her babies. At times she would show herself to be anxious and depressed.

“She had a beautiful home to recuperate in, but her instincts were controlling her and she didn’t know where to focus her energy without her puppies.

We were all so happy that she made it through the surgery, but we were heartbroken because she missed her babies,” said one of the animal shelter workers.

Several days had passed when the foundation received a call alerting them to an abandoned puppy that was sick.

The puppy, who was named Raisin, had a severe skin infection and parasites, had to undergo surgery and had to have one of her infected eyes removed.

They thought they could find a home for her, but knew that Daya would be happy to protect and care for her. Raisin was too weak and too small to survive without a mother.

When they reunited Daya and Raisin they immediately showed a special connection, they began to help each other and heal their broken hearts.

Daya took Raisin in as if she were her own baby, and Raisin felt motherly love for the first time. Just at the moment when she needed it most, the little dog was fed by Daya who, without being her biological mother, protected her unconditionally.

After Raisin recovered and could be weaned, she found a foster family who also adopted Daya.

The two deserved to stay together after that special bond that brought them together to overcome their sad past. Now they continue to enjoy each other’s company, they are adorable and captivate the hearts of all who know their story.

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