Pitbull who suffered after being constantly stoned by children, just wanted to be loved

A poor pit bull who suffered the unspeakable at the hands of some evil children, is touching the heartstrings of millions in the networks after showing what he really kept in his heart.

When a dog is left at the mercy of the danger of the streets, it not only runs the risk of being exposed to fights with other animals or of suffering an accident that could threaten its life. It is also at the mercy of human mistreatment.

Unfortunately, cruelty to animals does not discriminate against gender or age, and a little dog named Buddha knows this all too well, because he experienced it firsthand.

The pitbull, mistreated by children, was waiting for some help next to these containers.

Buddha is a pit bull who lived in a neighborhood in the United States characterized by lots of land.

Despite Buddha’s appearance, which as a good dog of his breed might seem a bit threatening, this pitbull was full of love and it was only necessary to see his eyes full of sweetness to understand him.

He stayed hidden in terror in case those little monsters would come back for him.

However, there are people who are incapable of seeing a little further. There are people who, in their selfishness, are unable to feel empathy for anyone, much less a small animal.

Driven by their evil and cruelty, these people are convinced that they have the right to ride roughshod over these vulnerable animals, making it more difficult for them to stay on the street.

Buddha only wanted to receive a little affection, but instead he only received mistreatment

Believe it or not, Buddha’s main enemies were the neighborhood children.

They bullied the poor dog so much by throwing rocks and other blunt objects at him, to the point that the pit bull was so scared that he couldn’t get out of his hiding place behind some garbage cans.

Luckily for Buddha, not all the people in this neighborhood were cruel. One of the neighbors decided to immediately contact the experts at Hope For Paws. She knew that Buddha’s life was threatened in this community and that action had to be taken before something happened.

They soon realized that his gaze conveyed gentleness and nobility.

Hope For Paws rescuers didn’t have to wait long and went in search of Buddha as soon as possible.

What they found was a little dog full of fear, unable to leave his corner, as he knew he would be hurt otherwise.

It had been a long time since anyone had come close enough not to hurt him.

It took the rescuers some work to gain Buddha’s trust, but you know for a fact that no dog can resist a delicious hamburger, so this pit bull with a heart of gold was no exception.

Deep down this little dog was just begging to care about someone and to be loved.

They were able to take him away from that hostile neighborhood and offer him the alternative of having the life he so richly deserved.

Buddha just wanted some love, and he was on his way to finding it! They soon realized that behind his scary dog mask, was actually a being willing to give all his love.

He was willing to give back in spades whatever they did for him.

Away from that place that terrified him so much, Buddha began to show his affection and gratitude.

He could not believe that all that life of suffering, constant fears and hiding was now a thing of the past. He now enjoys a life full of love.

In less than no time, this little dog will have his forever home and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Let this story be a reminder for parents to question what kind of children they are bequeathing to the world, it is inconceivable that a puppy has suffered so much because of some children.

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