Posts photo of her dog found in disturbing scene and is forced to explain everything

Everyone who has a puppy at home knows that they are those special beings willing to fill our days with games and countless pranks, many times they leave us with a permanent smile when we see them acting in such a unique and special way.

However, we cannot deny that not all the pranks are overflowing with tenderness, there are some that can be so grotesque that if not well contemplated can give us a heart attack.

The two dogs live in Vietnam.

If you still doubt it, we introduce you to Candy and Gody, two dogs that seem the perfect balance to reveal how different they can be to the furry ones.

Candy is a calm little dog full of canine wisdom, but her little brother Gody seems to know no boundaries and loves to get into trouble.

The fake crime scene quickly went viral.

Recently the naughty Gody made a mischief leaving a terrible scene that looks like something out of a horror movie, at first glance it seems that he was dying after being attacked by some wild animal or some unscrupulous being.

But in reality this adorable little dog was treated to a huge feast of dragon fruit that made him look like he was bleeding to death.

The pictures almost achieved a heart attack for all doggie lovers.

Gody after filling his tummy decided to “pass out” on his back while his two front paws were raised in the air.

The position in which the little dog was resting after the snack, at first glance gives the impression of a bloody crime scene.

His owner posted some pictures of Gody sticking out his little tongue to let everyone know he was okay.

When his owner walked into the kitchen and saw her naughty little dog she couldn’t help but be surprised, luckily, Gody was just resting and decided to pick him up to clean him and the fake crime scene without leaving any trace of the prank.

Lisa Giovannini-Melby is his owner, in this regard she comments:

“Not only does he feel no shame, but he will do it again at the first opportunity.”

The images were posted on Lisa’s Facebook account, for a moment it made thousands of hearts sad, but after explaining her little dog’s prank of eating too much dragon fruit users agreed on how terribly cute he is. After all, all that was left was a very full puppy and photos of a scene to remind us that all is not what it seems.

Feel free to share this note in your networks so that more people can enjoy a tragic scene that is actually a sweet prank.

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