Pregnant puppy about to be euthanized was saved by a young girl who entered the shelter

A little dog saw the face of death very close when her caregivers were about to give her an injection to put her to sleep forever, but luck was on her side and thanks to the goodwill of a stranger she now has a happy life.

Not only the dog was saved, but also the puppies she was carrying in her belly.Last December, Rebecca Lynch and her husband were on vacation in Savannah, Georgia, when they decided to take a rather peculiar souvenir from that place.

As it turns out, the woman didn’t want key chains or any other souvenirs, but instead decided to park at an animal shelter to look for the companion she’d been longing for.

Yes! Strangely enough, Rebecca wanted to take home a native puppy that she would forever remember her experience there.

The woman had read about the case of a pregnant puppy that her former owners had taken to a shelter, even though they knew that euthanasia was the possible future that awaited her there.

These people were not interested in the fact that the dog had her pup with her and even less in what would happen to them.

Rebecca was extremely moved by this situation and decided to convince her husband to apply for adoption.

If they didn’t find a family for the puppy they were going to put her to sleep and the woman was not willing to let that happen.

Rebecca went to the place to meet the furry dog and immediately fell in love with her, her teary eyes and the advanced stage of her pregnancy made her more vulnerable to the woman.

For this reason, from the very first moment she made it clear that she would adopt her and was willing to comply with all the requirements that were asked of her as long as she was not sacrificed.

The furry dog also immediately connected with the couple, who decided to name her Lizzie.

To this woman’s surprise, at the moment she met the poor dog, she also had an injury in one of her paws and her caregivers could not give her a logical explanation.

Faced with the danger that little Lizzie was in, Rebecca insisted that the furry dog be given up for adoption.

In this way, this tender couple managed to rescue the pregnant dog from the cruel fate that awaited her.

The dog came out of the shelter in the back seat of the Lynch’s car. No doubt that must have been a great day for her.

Although, as the family was already on their way home, the dog had to endure the hours of traveling with the couple and was quite nervous on the journey.

The couple thought it was normal, but on one stretch of road something unexpected happened: Lizzie went into labor.

Rebecca and her husband had to make a quick decision and changed their route to take the puppy to the Warhorse Clinic, but the puppies were desperate to get out.

The woman had to act as midwife because Lizzie couldn’t take it anymore and ended up giving birth in the back seat.

Fortunately everything went well and Rebecca shared the emotional images of that moment on her social media. The Lynch’s took Lizzie and her three puppies to the clinic to make sure everything was okay.

After all was said and done, they continued on their way home.

While some may feel it may have been unwise to embark on a journey with the pregnant puppy, the truth is that had it not been for the couple, Lizzie would have been euthanized. No one imagined that she would give birth at that time, so perhaps if Rebecca had gone to the kennel only a day later she would not have been able to find her.

Now this furry dog lives in a peaceful place with her puppies and we can only thank the woman and her husband for being the angels that Lizzie needed.

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