Puppies abandoned due to illness plead for help for their sister about to depart

Abandoned puppies desperately asked for help for their dying baby sister. The outcome of this story really touches the soul, read it to the end.

The cruelty and negligence of some people who do not know how to deal with the needs of some pets can often cause us deep indignation. The sad story of these little brothers proves it.

These precious puppies were left in a terrible and frightening place just because they were sick.

Their owner would rather they perish alone than take them for treatment. They were dumped in a dead-end agricultural waterway and because they were so small, they couldn’t fend for themselves.

Sick, they were abandoned by someone cruel who did not know how to give them the help they needed.

Every time the puppies heard noises approaching, they thought it was their owner coming back for them.

They would cheer up, all excited, and again and again they were disappointed, for there was no one to notice them. What a horrible way to live!

The only thing that helped them to cope with this situation was to have each other.

Finally, someone heard about the puppies. A very kind man wanted to help them. This is a very poor area and he had very little money, but he came, went down the wall and brought them food and water. Then he called an animal rescue group. He could not afford to take them to the vet himself.

Rescuers arrived, eager to help. They came down and ran to meet the puppies. They were very sad to see how young they were and how sick they looked. They managed to catch one cub, but the other little brother managed to escape.

They comforted each other, cuddling and kissing.

To the surprise of the people who came to their aid, after running for a few yards, the cub stopped and looked at the people, looking as if he wanted them to follow him somewhere.

The little puppy led the rescuers to where her other sister was. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it. She had passed away from starvation and the cold temperatures. Even though she was gone, the surviving sister was still trying to wake her up with her little paws.

This little dog took it upon himself to lead his rescuers to the place where they would find an unfortunate surprise.

He snuggled up to his sister and placed his face on hers. It was an extremely touching thing to see.

They had to pull the puppy out in order to save her and her other brother. The rescuers felt too bad, because they arrived in time to secure the life of the third puppy.

One of the three puppies succumbed to hunger, cold and illness.

The two surviving siblings were taken to the veterinarian to determine their health status and how much hope they had.

Skin lesions revealed that they had very advanced mange. Fortunately, it is a treatable disease. The veterinarian explained that he did not understand why they had been abandoned because of this.

Scabies can be treated and, as a last resort, there is always the alternative of transferring the pets to a shelter, in case the owner’s economic condition does not allow him to afford the treatment.

This is undoubtedly better than abandoning them to their fate as they were.

The two survivors were immediately put into treatment.

After several months of treatment and living in a foster home, the puppies are healthy and happy!

They were adopted by a loving family who kept the siblings together – after all they had been through, no one wanted to separate them!

Now they are normal, happy dogs and have the joy of staying together!

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending. It is time for everyone to understand the importance of taking care of pets with love and responsibility, without neglecting their health and well-being. An illness can never be the cause of abandonment.


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