Puppies sneak into car to run away from home

Some naughty puppies got into their human mom’s car without her noticing. They were not willing to stay home alone so they did their best to achieve their goal: enjoy a fun car ride.

Surely the owner of these puppies will keep this anecdote as a memorable memory of her pets.

These are three dogs that have moved everyone on social networks for their touching faces and their funny witticism.

When it was time to travel, the puppies made the mother the best prank.

It turns out that like many furry dogs, they don’t like the idea of having to stay at home without the company of their human and for that reason they came up with the perfect plan to avoid being alone.

These picarones snuck out to the woman’s car to hide in what they thought would be the perfect plan.

The thing is, this trio knows how to do everything but hide effectively.

In the less than a minute recording, a surprised woman can be heard shouting interrogating the puppies as she opens the door of the vehicle.

“I said we’re going to Lima and they all got in the car, and who invited you?” exclaimed the woman in the recording.

But it seems that for these puppies no explanation is necessary, as they had the ideal mechanism to join the trip.

The thing is, they lacked the ability to make themselves invisible, because as soon as the woman opens the door we see a beautiful fluffy furry under the pilot’s seat. His little face of having been caught red-handed touched us all, but it didn’t end there.

His canine siblings had also joined in the escape.

The woman focuses and you can see a little dog standing between the two seats, who seems to be playing coy and stares straight ahead, unwilling to face his human. Even worse was the reaction of the third puppy that appears in the passenger seat.

The dog didn’t know how to hide and cuddled up and seemed to be apologizing to the woman.

Undoubtedly, the scene surprised the human, who could not stop capturing them. The trapped face they all had was quite funny and that’s why we are not surprised that this recording has more than 9,000 likes on TikTok, the social network where it was initially shared.

Everyone was touched by these doggies.

“No one invited you guys, so they’re getting off. They’re getting off,” says the woman in the recording between guffaws. The truth in that instant let her pious character show. Far from being annoyed, she was naturally surprised and enjoyed her pets’ witticism.

Although we don’t know how the frustrated escape ended, the truth is that the moment amused both the owner and the cybernauts who have enjoyed the video.

Our pets make us laugh every day with their witticisms.

For pet owners, this scene may not seem far away, because what doggy doesn’t beg his parents not to leave him home alone?

Well, these beautiful dogs are part of the majority, only they are much more daring than others.

The three little dogs are adorable and “awkwardly funny.”

The woman, who is apparently from Peru, most likely made the trip all the way to Lima (the Peruvian capital), but not before taking a beautiful souvenir of her doggies to keep in her mind throughout her road trip.

In spite of their audacity, the dogs only revealed to be docile and quite tender beings that only wanted mommy to take them with her to their destination.

Unfortunately on this occasion the plan did not work out for these dogs, but we do not doubt that moments like this will continue to be repeated in the home of this particular trio.

These dogs make anyone’s day. We hope that all the dogs in the world have a family as loving as these 3 mischievous dogs.

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