Puppies that are ill and have enlarged stomachs are found helping each other

The scenes of two poor sick puppies found with their tummies so swollen that they were in danger, have caused commotion after being spread on social networks.

The sterilization of our pets, more than an obligation, is an act of love. It means preventing many innocent animals from ending up on the street suffering undeservedly, as happened with this pair of helpless puppies.

The situation in which the puppies were found makes anyone shudder.

The video touched the hearts of many people by showing the extent to which two puppies were suffering in Lopburi, Thailand.

The scenes reveal two fearful woolies on the street side by side, trying to cope with their ordeal.

They were found clinging to and caring for each other in an attempt to survive.

Ticks had colonized their entire bodies and their abdomens were completely swollen from fluid retention and parasites.

They were totally starving, had not eaten for several days and their condition was quite distressing, to the point of being in danger of death.

Their swollen tummies would break anyone’s heart.

The news circulated and it became known that they were in an alarming state of malnutrition, which had an impact on the low production of albumin levels in the blood, a protein that is synthesized by the liver.

Necessarily, immediate action had to be taken.

“How sad to have to see what the dogs have to go through because of people who don’t care about the suffering of the animals and release them into the street,” expressed a moved user.

Luckily, they got the help they needed so much.

According to expert opinion, if they had not been attended to in time, their fate could have been fatal.

Fortunately, they were found and taken to a veterinary clinic where they received immediate attention from a specialist.

When people approached them to help them, they were frightened, perhaps because they had been mistreated before and were very scared.

And, in a kind of fraternal animal support and protection, they stuck side by side, facing the wall.

They found no other comfort, help and protection than to hold each other, it was enough for them.

The professionals who took care of them knew their job very well and with care and patience they made them trust each other.

Thus, they could see that blood transfusions were urgently needed and they began to give them the respective medication.

They also had to work on the problem of their bulging bellies. It was necessary to sedate them in order to drain all the liquid from their abdomens, but the effort was worth it, as they soon began to show signs of evident improvement.

It is amazing to imagine the discomfort they had to endure with such swelling.

They recovered little by little, and began to eat properly and normally, to the point that they also played like any other puppy.

The dedicated and selfless work of the veterinarians bore the best fruits, their tender tummies got smaller, and a rescue group in the area was in charge of finding the resources to cover the expenses.

“Thank God there are still good people who care about these little animals,” said a concerned netizen.

We are now only waiting for them to be discharged, to begin the process of finding a home for them where they can receive the care and love they need to continue with a new life of doggy mischief.

Our heartfelt wish is that they will soon find their dream home.

This pair of creatures that suffered so much deserve nothing more than a kind family that will soon take them in. As a moral, let’s not forget that sterilization is an act of responsibility and love.

This is the video that spread around the world and shocked so many:

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