Puppy abandoned by his owners keeps hugging his rescuers

There are creatures with such a good heart that no matter what is done to them, they can never hold a grudge, and that is the case of a little dog named Clarence. Despite the bad treatment this furry dog received from his former owners and all their rejection, he doesn’t let the humans he comes across fall in love with him and gives them the most sincere hugs.

For this little dog there are no grudges, but lots of love.

Clarence was left by his supposed family in the parking lot of a Waltmar. Alone and not knowing what to do, the furry dog decided to chase two other dogs and chose to make them his life companions.

They were a German Shepherd and a small Chihuahua, other homeless dogs with whom he formed a sort of family.

Between hardships and needs, the trio managed to survive for months the harshness of the streets, but one day the animal control patrol tracked them down and took them off the streets.

Little did they know at the time how sweet the reaction of golde’s mongrel, Clarence, would be.

It turns out that this 4 year old puppy was quite loving and far from fearing or showing aggression he just wanted to hug the men at the kennel. We don’t know if it was out of gratitude for taking him off the streets.

The sad thing is that when the shelter contacted his owners (thanks to the microchip implanted in Clarence), they did not want to go for the dog.

They were not at all interested in recovering him and admitted having left him in a parking lot. Given the refusal of his former owners, the furry dog was put on the sentenced list.

If no one claimed him or decided to adopt him, he would be euthanized.

Luckily, the cute little fella did not meet that end, thanks to Hounds In Pounds, a rescue center located in the state of New Jersey, USA. Volunteers heard about the story and decided to help the trio.

Unfortunately, they were only able to save Clarence and the German Shepherd, both of whom were taken to the organization’s shelter.

The other companion met a tragic end due to an apparent illness.

Clarence experienced for the second time what it meant to be rescued and now by people who promised him a better future. Despite all the work he went through, the little dog was still as gentle as ever.

“He is sweet, gentle and so grateful to be safe with us. We can’t help but get lost in Clarence’s golden coat, it reminds us of sunshine and we love his personality.

He is bright, warm and brings light to those who meet him,” said Cat Suzuki, founder of the shelter.

Suzuki traveled all the way to Georgia to rescue the furry boy, because she couldn’t let him have such a terrible outcome. Although she was thrilled to meet him, she never imagined how gentle and kind Clarence was.

Both she and the other caregivers assured that this little dog was the ideal companion for any family, but that they would have to spoil him a lot because he loves to be the center of attention.

That’s how spoiled this dog is, he hugs every human who inspires him with security.

After the rescue, Suzuki knew she had to find a lovely family for this little angel who could also be the best companion in different ways.

“He’s quite lazy, so a movie buddy or a snuggle buddy would be ideal,” said the rescuer.

After weeks of searching, the ideal profile arrived at the shelter to become Clarence’s humans.

A loving family took a chance on this little ball of fur and in love decided to adopt him. After years of living in a backyard and then on the street, the four-year-old had found the people who would respond to his love. The little dog now lives happily and receives the attention and care he always deserved.

No matter the meanness of so many people, Clarence is still as sweet as ever and his attitude is a sign of what these creatures harbor in their hearts: pure love.

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