Puppy collapses in the street unable to open her eyes before the impassive gaze of many people

A poor little dog that passed by lying in the middle of the street, before the eyes of dozens of passers-by, pierced the hearts of their heroes. They could not imagine such indolence and lack of love towards the innocent creature that was begging for help. But what they did to save and transform his life restores our faith in humanity.

The drama of the stray dogs, thrown to their fate, struggling to survive the cold, the hunger, the loneliness; it breaks our soul completely.

Not to mention the serious dangers they face, due to irresponsible drivers and humans, so often cruel and insensitive.

Many look the other way, without sympathy for these helpless souls, who are also a life, but they don’t seem to care at all.

This little dog collapsed in the street without even being able to open her eyes.

Fortunately, in India, there are angels known for their invaluable rescue work.

They are Animal Aid Unlimited, based in Udaipur, who daily perform extraordinary acts of love to save the lives of many street dogs living in unsanitary and abandoned conditions in the area.

As was the case with one vulnerable puppy, whose transformation was truly amazing.

The furry puppy was lying on the street fighting for her life when these heroes, who always inspire us with their work, set their caring eyes on her.

She was found severely malnourished, collapsed on the pavement and dying, with no one deigning to help her.

Her condition was so delicate that even opening her eyes was a great effort. She also had wounds on her hips, but in spite of everything she was bravely fighting for her life.

Here is a video summary of this powerful story of struggle and love:

They did not hesitate for a second to deploy their emergency team to rescue the little dog who lay dying before the impassive gaze of many.

They lifted her very gently so as not to harm her and took her to their humble rescue center.

She was subsequently diagnosed with distemper, a virus that usually has a fatal prognosis. She probably would not have survived had she not been rescued that same day.

For 14 days she was treated with antibiotics, intravenous fluids and lots of care, but most of all she was showered with love.

They showered her with caresses and promised her that they would fight for her with all their strength.

There is no doubt that she had an enormous will to go on living and her fight was worth it because now she is really healthy and happy.

After loving and patient treatment, she was able to walk on her own and made a full recovery.

In just two weeks she was playing super happy and grateful, aware that her life had been saved.

There is no trace left of the trembling and dying dog that lay in the street before everyone’s indifference.

So much selflessness and love from these heroes made such a transformation possible and it is something that is truly worthy of admiration and imitation.

Within their limited means, the angels of Animal Aid do everything they can to save the lives of every animal in distress and beg for donations to continue offering their helping hand to the creatures they meet along the way. You can consider making a donation here.

Look at the wonderful transformation of this little dog operated by love:

If the work of animal lovers and those who work to preserve her life did not exist, she would have died alone on the street.

Spreading this message is a small contribution to promote awareness of the needy street animals!

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