Puppy comforts his little sister to stop crying by bringing her favorite toy to her

Empathy is the soul of canines. This little dog comforts his human sister with lots of love and dedication. Whenever the newborn baby cries, he goes straight to where she is to soothe her by bringing her favorite stuffed toy.

The little dog became his baby sister’s sentinel.

This is Tommy, a Doberman puppy, too gentle and protective of all his family members. However, ever since his human parents, Nick Elliot and his wife Haley, brought little Macie into the world, Tommy hasn’t left her in the sunshine.

Haley was released from the hospital early last July. She and Nick were bursting with excitement at the good news. But they were also very excited and expectant about how two-year-old Tommy would react to seeing the new addition to the family.

Although, all his life he has been a gift of love and loyalty to his parents. Tommy has never given back anything but the purity of his soul. It is his nature. The little dog has always been that way.

So, beyond Nick and his wife’s apprehension, they both knew how affectionate their pet is. Tommy would have no reason to act any other way at the instant of his encounter with Macie.

“We’ve had him with family, friends and children in the past. His whole character changes. He gets down to their level and just lays down with them, letting himself be petted. He’s so gentle and caring. It must be his natural instinct,” Nick said.

And they weren’t wrong about that hunch. As luck would have it, in that first cross look between dog and baby, what everyone expected happened.

It was love at first sight.

Before the official presentation, Nick and Haley took Tommy in their arms and settled him on a sofa. Afterwards, they slowly pulled him closer and let him take a curious sniff of the baby’s clothes. Finally, Macie and Tommy got to know each other.

“We brought Macie in and, naturally, he was very curious and gentle,” Nick added.

From his first reaction, it was evident that the canine had given his new baby sister the thumbs up for good. As soon as he saw her, he wanted to hug her and be close to her. However, Macie was so delicate and tender that Tommy did not dare to touch her.

From that first day a magical relationship was born between them. But it also increased the bond of love in the family. What Nick and his wife never imagined was that Tommy would go even further.

Tommy became Macie’s sentinel dog, always at her beck and call. Like all babies, the little one cries often, and it is only Tommy who calms her down.

At bottle time, a surprising event occurred. Hearing the little one crying, Tommy ran quickly and took a teddy bear in his mouth. He placed it next to the newborn and she smiled calmly and happily.

“He used to make a sad little whimper when she cried for the first few days, but now she has gotten used to all the new sounds and smells. He comes by regularly and checks on her, wags his tail a little if he sees that Macie is okay,” the mother said.

The action had gone unnoticed by Nick and his wife. They didn’t know at first how the toy came to be. It was the security camera installed in the baby’s room that unveiled the mystery of this beautiful action.

Tommy is the best babysitter in the world. Today, everyone in the family feels safe, loved and well cared for by this noble little animal, whose devotion and kindness stole our hearts.

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