Puppy cries for comfort after being abandoned by her owner in the forest

Zarif is the name of the protagonist of this story, a beautiful dog that at her young age has lived one of the worst scenarios that any furry dog can suffer, being fanned by their owners.

Wounded and very weak, she could only cry and beg for help, that’s how a good Samaritan managed to hear her meowing in the middle of the dense forest.

Fortunately, the person was not indifferent to the desperate cry of the dog and hurried to locate where it came from, finally found her and gave her all the care that was within his reach.

The dog, although noticeably sore, could not stop wagging her little tail when she was rescued, it was her best way of thanking that she had been saved from certain death when she was alone and wounded in the middle of the forest.

The dog was crying inconsolably in the forest.

The person did not take long to call the local rescue team who rushed to the scene. They took her in their arms and transported her to the veterinary clinic where she received all the medical attention she needed.

Tests revealed that the puppy had giardia, an intestinal parasite that can affect the small intestine of this species if not treated in time. This disease mainly affects puppies or adult dogs with a weak immune system.

Giarda can take 3 to 10 days to heal.

Little Zarif also had some infected wounds so it was necessary to hospitalize her for a couple of days, her condition required painkillers and antibiotics.

The helpless little dog trembled every time her caregivers touched her skin, she was very injured and the pain was unavoidable. As if that were not enough, she was anemic, had not been well fed since birth and had to survive alone in the forest.

Her little body was full of infected wounds.

Although her health condition was quite delicate, this beautiful dog showed that she wanted to fight for her life, she did not stop wagging her tail when she received a gesture of love from her rescuers, her body was weak but her spirit seemed to be stronger than ever.

Although her former owners failed her and broke her heart, she never stopped trusting humans. This time she was with the right people who helped her through her plight.

Like Zarif, many puppies enjoy a new chance thanks to the different rescue centers.

As the days went by, the sweet furry girl overcame her diagnosis. In just one week she had shown a great improvement that surprised her caregivers.

It was enough that one of her rescuers opened the door of her kennel for Zarif to run out to meet her, and with a tender but agitated hug she sealed the bond of love and gratitude for everything they had done for her.

With a hug and wagging tail she thanked her rescuer for the new opportunity they were giving her.

Zarif continues to be cared for by her rescuers, growing stronger every day. She does not yet have a home, but they will be sure to find her a loving family that will accept her past and treat her like the spoiled brat she is.

This beautiful dog had a happy ending thanks to a kind soul who acted on her situation and the rescue group that did not give up.

Thanks to them, many furry dogs get to enjoy a second chance and find the perfect family. Support their work, donate or volunteer. Only by adding love we can counteract the bad actions of some people.

Let’s keep praying for Zarif and for all the dogs that face a situation of abandonment and are fighting for their lives.

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