Puppy desperately tries to jump over the wall separating her from her neighbor

A little dog desperately tries to jump over the wall that separates her from her neighbor. She can’t get enough, her only goal is to reach him.

All dogs have their own way of having fun and overcoming their own obstacles, for Zola, an adorable two year old corgi, it is trying to get over the fence that separates her from her neighbor, a white dog with adorable black spots on her face.

The corgi, despite having short legs, is always looking for a way to get what she wants, running non-stop and jumping over places that seem impossible considering her small size. She is not limited by her size, she feels strong enough for any mischief.

The cute little dog loves to play with other dogs.

While Zola usually overcomes everything within her reach, she has recently encountered a big obstacle that has become quite a challenge. Her greatest wish is to get over the fence and play with her neighbor, Rocky.

Haley Smith, Zola’s mother, noticed that her little furball completely changed her behavior every time she went out in the backyard.

She was no longer running all over the place, but was heading straight for the fence. On this Haley commented:

“She started going crazy and barking at the fence, and we weren’t sure why.

She would sit by the gate and we would let her out, and she would run to the fence and start jumping. We thought it was strange.”

Smith didn’t understand Zola’s behavior until one day she saw the puppy’s sweet face peering over the fence that adjoins her yard and understood the reason for her strange behavior.

Since then, she realized that all Zola wanted was to get through the fence and get to the other side, but her tiny paws made this impossible for her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it all the way to her neighbor’s house, whom she wanted to offer her friendship.

“We took a look outside and on the other side of the yard, she was just trying to get to the big paws and head that were looking at her.

She really wanted to get to Rocky. She wouldn’t give up until she took a running leap at the fence and tried to get to her neighbor’s height.” Smith said.

To date, neither puppy has had contact without the large cinder block barrier separating them, though it does make for growing interest on both sides.

Smith notes that Rocky is a very polite little dog, at first barking at him, but now he silently watches as his neighbor tries to jump the fence.

Perhaps he maintains the illusion that he will manage to jump over and pay him a visit to have fun and be best buddies in their adventures.

However, this does not seem to please Zola, who seems to feel at a disadvantage. Smith commented on the matter:

“One theory I have is that she’s a little jealous that Rocky can see the inside of her garden, but she can’t see the inside of his.

She probably wants to know how to get to him so they can smell each other and play. Zola is too smart.

She’s pretty sure she’ll find a way to get to the top of the fence.”

This fluffy, adorable furball loves to play with other doggies, so not being able to play with her neighbor is her biggest challenge.

The mischief of this little dog captivates thousands of people on the networks who admire her intelligence and tenderness. Undoubtedly, dogs are the friendliest and most noble beings.

How nice to see two dogs that even from a distance contemplate each other and are accomplices in a small challenge. We have no doubt that soon they will be able to meet and enjoy many games together.

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