Puppy finds 2-day-old kitten left to fend for herself on a huge farm and saves her

A hero puppy found a tiny kitten just two days old in a huge farm, and did not hesitate to save her life.

They say that the social relationship between dogs and cats can cause many fights and for the common good, it is better that they are not together. However, this is not always the case and despite being so different, sometimes the most tender of friendships can arise.

This is what a tender couple between a small kitten rescued from a farm by what today is her best friend, a beautiful guard puppy, let us know.

The puppy found the helpless kitten in a huge farm, left to fend for herself.

The little kitten was rescued when she was only a few days old, wandering around a huge farm trying to find some food and exposing herself to all the dangers she could find.

Morgan, the owner of the farm and mother of five children, says that on several occasions she heard a meow coming from somewhere in the distance, but it was almost impossible to determine where it was coming from.

The kitten was very dirty and covered with fleas.

She hadn’t planned on having a new addition to the family, but her plans changed when she decided to find the little kitten with the help of her pet:

“We tried calling for her, but we couldn’t find her in the thick layer of trees behind our farm. We took one of our big dogs to where she was crying, and he smelled her right away. She was on a small tree stump.”

They called Polly the kitten.

Seeing her so small Morgan thought her mother would come back for her, so they decided to leave her there.

As they returned home and the hours passed they realized it was too risky for her to spend the night alone if her mother did not return, the farm is surrounded by foxes, they feared for the little kitten and went back to look for her.

The puppy who rescued her was determined to adopt Polly.

The day after the rescue, they gave her a good bath and fixed up a small space in the house to make her comfortable. From then on, Paxton, the puppy who heard her meowing, began to care for her and treat her as if she were his own daughter.

Surprisingly, the little kitten was very receptive and cuddled up to him, it was as if after so much pain she could finally feel safe and warm, something that at her age was necessary.


Morgan comments that since Polly arrived at the house, Paxton has taken it upon himself to take care of her, while she was being fed the sweet little dog would watch her tenderly and then wipe up any milk she might spill.

These little furries have become inseparable, they sleep together, play and fill every corner of the house with infinite love. They are the best friends in the world.

Polly is now 5 months old and Paxton is 13 years old.

The bond between these adorable furry friends grows stronger every day. Morgan is happy to have been able to save the little feline who wouldn’t stop meowing and who now spends his days next to his best friend and guardian angel.

But it is clear that Polly’s new life would never have been possible without Paxton’s selflessness and his unconditional love for the little fur ball, from whom he has never left her side since he saw her.

This beautiful couple knows that genuine love and friendship knows no species, no differences. With their purity and tenderness, they give us humans the best lessons.

The kitten was bottle fed for several weeks:

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