Puppy finds a family and smiles again after being abandoned as a package in a bag

A ten-year-old black female dog suffered a selfish and contradictory act when she was abandoned by her family outside a shelter. While many would applaud that she was left in such a place and not in a dangerous location, the way she was abandoned broke the hearts of the shelter workers, as the act was shameful and outrageous.

The dog’s name is Blackie, who did not seem to understand what was going on.

Shivering and distressed, the furry dog was received inside a plastic bag. Yes! As sad as it sounds, that was the cruel way her former owners chose to leave her.

Apparently, they immobilized her so that the dog would not follow them and would not stain the upholstery of the vehicle in which she was transported. But that justification only made the matter more reprehensible.

The situation broke the hearts of the people who helped her that afternoon.

They were the employees of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, who could not hold back their tears when they saw the dog wrapped in plastic and inside a cardboard box.

It was an animal that these people decided to leave at the shelter.

The saddest thing of all was to realize that the animal was really sick.

Blackie had a tumor that had grown so much that she was bleeding, which is why her family had decided to leave her at the shelter.

According to a worker, the people claimed they did not have the resources to take her to a veterinarian and cover her treatment. But when they proposed that they should be the ones to take care of the expenses, they did not want to keep the animal either.

At that moment everyone knew that it was necessary to take in the dog.

Her family had turned their back on her and the shelter was not going to do the same, so they took her in with great affection.

The first thing was to take her out of the bag and give her a bath, they needed to prevent the tumor from getting infected. Luckily the dog turned out to be quite grateful and docile, and she let herself be checked and cared for without any problems.

Perhaps she thought that after the bath her owners would come back for her.

At the shelter they couldn’t keep her but decided to call their colleagues at Frosted Faces Foundation in San Diego, California, who took care of her.

There, Blackie was very well received and underwent treatment for her tumor. Finally, the tumor had to be removed and the procedure was successfully performed at High Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Everything went very well for the little dog.

After the operation, Blackie had to rest and her caregivers showered her with love and care.

“Blackie is so little, she wants to be held tightly and just wants everything to go well, because she keeps looking to us for recognition and approval,” FFF wrote on Facebook.

After a few weeks of post-op care, this girl recovered and was put up for adoption. Luckily it wasn’t long before someone took an interest in her.

“Blackie went home with a forever family today. She is a little ball of fire and is ready for a new life.

We are so proud to place Blackie with such a loving family that has stellar references,” they said at the foundation.

That little dog that some people delivered as a worthless package at the doors of a shelter finally has the love and recognition she deserves. It is a pity that this family did not value Blackie after years of devotion and loyalty, but the positive thing is that now the furry dog is in the right place and has overcome her illness.

So much pain and bad times are in the past, the dog is happy again. Her story shows us how important and rewarding adoption is. What are you waiting for to adopt?

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