Puppy found under a car complaining of pain heals completely and finds happiness

A small sick puppy was lying in pain under a car, until some heroes arrived in time to give him a second chance and change his life.

The needs of various creatures are obvious, and what would society be like if no one was interested in helping those in need? Fortunately, that will be an impossible question to answer as long as there are people who decide to get out of their comfort zones to help others.

The puppy marked a young rescue worker forever.

Karla Solis rescued a puppy from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, specifically from under a car, shivering with cold and fear, in a truly pitiful state. The puppy had serious skin problems, in addition to malnutrition.

His eyes resigned to a life of suffering really moved the girl who immediately took him in her arms to help him heal.

His downcast gaze showed his discouraged spirit.

The little animal, whom she decided to baptize Elliot, had to go through a few months of recovery. Not only his skin was injured, but also his heart and, for that reason, Karla had to start by gaining his trust.

Although the dog was not aggressive, he seemed to have no interest in living.

The furry dog’s sad face was heartbreaking, but Karla knew how to cheer him up. In addition to rehabilitating him, the girl formed a strong bond with the mongrel, who became her faithful companion.

She treated his injuries and gave him his medication herself, after the vet determined that he was suffering from Ehrlichia, an infection transmitted by ticks.

Elliot needed her time to pull through.

Karla was by his side throughout his recovery, but when the time came, she knew she had to find him the family she was unable to give him.

Solis contacted Becky Moder, an animal advocate who arranges adoptions for dogs with families in the United States. This Samaritan not only helped Karla with the paperwork, but also invested her own money in the dog’s recovery.

Everyone was convinced that they would find the perfect family for him.

Elliot’s hair had begun to grow back, first as fluff, then thick and red. When Elliot was healthy enough to begin looking for his forever home, Moder gave him his free ride from Mexico to San Diego, and Solis sent them off.

When it was prudent, Elliot traveled to the United States and was taken in by The Barking Lot Rescue, an organization located in El Cajon, Florida.

It was at the TBLR shelter that Kim Forest and his girlfriend met Elliot, and this loving couple decided to open the doors of their home to him.

At the time, the little dog was not even a shadow of his former self in Mexico.

At the end of the day, Karla was pleased with the change that Elliot, whom her new family named Asher, had achieved.

While Karla or Becky would have liked to keep him with them, it is true that sometimes rescuers must let go to help again.

That’s what the women thought at the time of handing over the furry one.

The experience with this puppy that Karla saved from further suffering led the young woman to become even more committed to the animal cause. For the girl it is difficult to understand how people live with their backs turned to this reality but now she knows she can always do more to help and is determined to continue to do so.

As for Asher, he has slowly come out of his shell, showing his mothers a more playful, yet still calm, side of his personality.

“We realized that he really likes my stuffed animals. He started taking my teddy bears and now he loves to play with anything that doesn’t have a squeak or sound. It’s his favorite thing.

Whenever Asher leaves the house, his striking appearance and fluffy red fur attract attention.

“Everywhere we go, someone wants to talk to us about him. It’s a lot of fun to have that kind of attention for him, because he deserves it,” Forrest said. “He had such a hard time for the first five years of his life, so we’re very happy for him. It makes my partner’s heart and mine very full.”

“Honestly, I couldn’t imagine having a better dog,” Forrest concluded.

You too can be an angel in any animal’s life, don’t turn your back on them. Let’s infect everyone with the spirit of helping the most vulnerable in society. Together we are better!

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