Puppy gets angry every time her owner tries to use the phone while driving

Humans have always boasted of being smarter than animals, but a little dog in Canada is defending the gender after he was shown in a video acting in a more astute and responsible way compared to his human.

The footage, which has already gone viral on social media, made it clear who’s looking out for whom in the relationship, as the furry one prevents his mom from being involved in an accident.

Every driver should have a co-driver like this doggy.

The brown pitbull with white spots rides in the passenger seat next to his owner as she tries to pick up her cell phone. The matter seems normal, since she is surely not the first driver to check messages or answer calls while driving, but here the issue is that the puppy knows very well the dangers behind such imprudence.

Not even a traffic prosecutor supervises a driver as well as the furry dog in the recording, and in the short video you can see his temperance when it comes to prohibiting the woman from using her cell phone.

Sitting on his two legs, the dog immediately deflects the woman’s hand when she wants to use the phone while driving.

The images were recorded from inside the vehicle, the woman would take a ride with some relatives and decided to take her pet who is used to traveling in the passenger seat. While driving on a busy road, the person in the back of the vehicle begins to record without imagining what would happen minutes later.

The driver’s cell phone rings, apparently a message has come in, and she naturally tries to check it but the little dog prevents her.

This animal was not willing to take the risk and lets its owner know.

Although the woman tries to explain to him, lightening the seriousness of the matter, the canine insists on not allowing her to do so and with the help of his paw and his snout moves her hand each time. The person filming cannot hold back the laughter of the moment but does not stop the clip, knowing without a doubt that he is witnessing something unique.

Although many doubt it, dogs are very intelligent creatures and there are those who assure that they can detect danger.

Perhaps this little animal saved his owner’s life without her knowing it.

We have no way of knowing, but what we are sure of is that he did the right thing. Not only that, but he gave a great lesson in front of the camera and his feat is winning hearts around the world.

As expected, the images became part of the millions of videos in which doggies do their magic: they cheer us up and give us great life lessons, through social networks.

In fact, many cybernauts left their comments in support of the furry and applauded his attitude.

“I have always said it these little angels are much smarter than us and have more awareness of what is going on,” commented Magaly Rodriguez on Facebook.

“The doggy doesn’t want his Mom to use the cell phone when he is driving. Very good doggy. How much intelligence he teaches us. I eat it with kisses,” wrote Amanda SA.

There is no doubt that the animal acted with a lot of intelligence, the kind that we humans sometimes seem to lack.

Maybe nothing would have happened if she had checked the message, but that is simply not something that should be done behind the wheel. For that reason we join the wave of fans of this well-behaved dog and send her our gratitude and affection.

The example of this canine should be contagious among humans. Be careful, don’t use your cell phone while driving.

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