Puppy hidden for months under a trailer trembles with fear at the sight of approaching hands

A little dog trembled with fear as soon as she saw some hands approaching her, her outcome leaves no one indifferent, it is very touching.

Thousands of animals are abandoned to their fate every day around the world, but that does not make each case that we know about touch our souls and make us commit to raise our voices for them.

Blue Bayou’s story broke our hearts wide open and is tangible proof of how much a pet suffers once its family decides to leave it to its fate. It is truly sad for dogs to be left behind by those who are supposed to look out for their welfare.

Being man’s best friend, they offer their loyalty and love unconditionally. They cannot explain that the most important beings in their world can abandon them forever.

The dog had been abandoned for months and was living under a trailer.

Earlier this year, the rescue organization Hope For Paws received a call about a puppy alone in an auto shop.

What’s worse, the owners had left her behind 8 months ago when they moved. It was unclear who the caller was, let alone her relationship to the puppy, but at least she was kind enough to report the case.

Treats lured her out of hiding

Hope for Paws rescuers JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick went to look for her, but the poor dog had clearly not had good interactions with humans. She had been treated so unfairly that she didn’t trust anyone who came near her.

As a result, she was quite anxious to be “rescued” and for someone to try to approach her. She had an apprehensive demeanor that stemmed from the traumatic experiences she had endured.

This terrified dog was refusing much-needed help.

Luckily for this dog and her rescuers, the treats worked their magic, but only up to a point.

Her rescuers were worried that the asphalt would burn her paws on a very hot day, so they tried to get her to a safer place. But the frightened pup wasn’t ready for much action yet and hid under a trailer.

Fortunately, she was in good hands and the rescuers worked hard to convince her. They told her everything was going to be okay, but she still didn’t have enough reason to trust, much less believe them.

The little dog froze in fear as soon as she saw hands approaching her from her safe place. Attempts to have a leash around her failed for quite some time, they just weren’t succeeding.

The puppy received immediate veterinary care.

Finally, they grabbed her and pulled her out from under the car. She was quite calm in the cage they loaded her into.

Blue Bayou is a sweet little dog, and both rescuers seemed to realize right away that she had a lot of potential to be a loving pet. Now, thanks to them, she will have that chance.

With just a little love and affection, she was once again acclimated to humans and was ready for some affection from her rescuers. And she received some good socialization training from Andrew Rosenthal at LA Dogworks.

She started the year playing a bad hand, but fortunately someone was compassionate enough to offer this little dog help and give her the chance for the happy ending she deserves.

Blue finally has the home she deserves, she is being protected and loved by a family that knows how to take on the commitment of having a pet as if it were one of their own.

Blue Bayou is now in the right hands.

Blue Bayou’s rescue will not only bring hope to others, it will also help raise awareness about the importance of fighting abandonment.

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