Puppy imitates its owner struggling to rescue two unknown women in the middle of water

A viral video has revealed the great feat of a brave and loyal puppy who did not hesitate to help his owner when she decided to save two women trapped in a car.

In the middle of a flood, two elderly ladies were paralyzed inside their car, which was being swept away by the water. Luckily, Lori Guilles and her good friend Puck were nearby to help them.

Puck jumped into the water with his human to lend a helping hand to the strangers.

This happened in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, after heavy rainfall caused a river to overflow and flooded a large part of the city.

Despite not being able to communicate, the little dog knows very well the magnitude of the problem and chooses not to be separated from his human. But it is not only the fact of accompanying her, but Puck tries to help her in the rescue.

In the recording made by Davie Keel and later published in the networks, it can be seen how the canine swims behind his owner and even tries to push the vehicle.

He may not have known what was going on, but he was perfectly capable of sniffing out danger and could not contain his desire to cooperate.

On Harland Street the women were trapped by the flood, inside a black Volkswagen Estate.

Before long, the water was already over the vehicle’s tires, and that’s when Guillies and Puck appeared.

In the video, which was recorded without the puppy or his human noticing, the little animal can be seen swimming fearfully. At first, Puck didn’t seem too sure of what he was doing, but he wasn’t about to leave his mom alone in that predicament.

Out of loyalty to his owner, the little dog decided to follow her until they managed to help the women trapped in the vehicle.

After Davie -who recorded the situation from afar- decided to share the video, social networks overflowed with praise and gratitude for the rescue dog and his owner.

It came as a surprise to Guilles when she was notified by a family member about what was happening in the video.

After playing the footage herself, the woman had nothing but words of thanks to the one she considered the real hero: her puppy.

“Just doing a good deed by helping this car and its owners get to drier ground. Someone filmed it and sent it to his friend, who sent it to my friend, who sent it to me. Puck really is the best dog in the world,” he said.

One of the most amazing moments in the footage is when the little dog not only follows his owner, but mimics her. The Springer Spaniel even perches behind the vehicle and tries to push it, just as he sees his mom doing.

Finally the couple pulls the car out of the stalemate and drive it to safety.

In a matter of minutes, the heart of this pair of great friends is revealed. Gilles steps up without thinking to save the strangers, but what she herself did not premeditate was that her little dog would join the rescue.

Here there is not one hero, but two, for the little dog is undoubtedly a brave one, but his owner also takes credit for how well she has educated him. At least during the video, no fire department or civil protection team is seen intervening.

That’s why we can only thank this woman and her dog for the fantastic rescue they performed.

You guys are worth gold, so we wish you the best of success and a lifetime of adventures with each other.

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