Puppy rescued in the garbage who wouldn’t go near anyone finally finds a family

The tenderness that a puppy is capable of giving has no limits, they love to run and play chasing anything that moves. They deserve to be calm and safe, full of affection and everything an animal needs to be happy.

This little dog knew nothing other than the dumpster where he was born.

But reality shows that many dogs are far from that, a large number of animals are struggling on the street instead of living under a roof with people who value and protect them.

There are many things that are against them, such as bad weather and lack of food, not to mention the ease of contracting any kind of disease.

This is the case of a puppy in Mar del Plata, Argentina, the news was known by the publication in social networks of a user named Danu Colombo. The puppy was born in a dumpster, for him there was nothing else after that.

And one day, when he was already four months old, he was found next to his sister; it was then that his life finally began to change.

“Every time I read a story like this my heart breaks into a thousand pieces.

These beings are the noblest in the world, they are just waiting for love. I know there are some noble hearts that are willing to give it to them,” said one loving user.

The mother was a wild dog and from her doggy union with a greyhound the puppies were born. The mother struggled with caring for her pups as best she could, not easy due to the harsh conditions she found herself in.

Luck came to the place, a group of people saw them and rescued the animal and his sister.

Palito, as they called the cub, did not socialize with anyone.

The isolated life among garbage caused dents in the furry’s character, he was afraid of people and when they approached him he moved away, he did not allow any interaction.

In spite of being so unsociable, he showed a lot of innocence and enthusiasm.

He was named “Palito” because of his peculiar thinness and the people who saved him were not willing to leave him alone anymore, they took him with them.

The rescuers were patient, showered him with attention and care. Little by little, all that paid off, they began to get to know another side of life that for them was totally new and they seemed to like it very much.

“Thank you for rescuing him and helping him, hopefully he will soon find a good family that will love him and take good care of him,” added another empathetic internaut.

They were looking more and more cheerful and mischievous. Palito’s sister was lucky enough to be adopted first, her rescuer believes it was because of her fluffy appearance, and that’s where the little dog stayed.

He is not giving up hope, he is still with his caregivers waiting for a human to realize how amazing it will be to have him and all the love he has to give.

The sister was adopted first and he is still optimistically waiting for someone to love him even though he is too scrawny.

He is getting stronger and stronger and is a bag of cuteness. For sure nobody will get bored with him, he is always getting into mischief, he never seems to get tired. No one would ever have imagined where he was born and what he had to go through.

Danu Colombo has made his Facebook account available for anyone to adopt him. We must always remember that with every woolly dog that is rescued and taken to a home, it is a dog’s life that we save from the hardship of living on the street.

Palito’s story is one of motivation and improvement.

More and more people are interested in giving Palito a home. But, fortunately, and thanks to all the support given on social networks, he finally has a home.

Now he will live with Adriana Donzelli, an animal and human rights activist who will fill him with infinite love.

There is no doubt, the first option to have a pet should always be to adopt an animal. This way you gain a faithful friend for life, and for sure, you will never regret it.

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