Puppy shares a sweet moment of tranquility contemplating birds with his best cat friend

They say that when you hug your best friend, you gain an extra day of life. However, there are hugs between different animals that are magic. Those that make sadness disappear in us and accelerate our heartbeat.

The loving puppy Bo and his best friend cat Jasper shared the most beautiful scene.

The funny thing is that Jasper is a cat, so, their friendship completely demolishes the belief that there is a rivalry between the two.

Bo is a Beagle puppy who, as a puppy, was extremely shy, especially in front of cats.

He was truly terrified of them. But one day Lisa Olsen Plummer, his foster mother, decided it was time for Bo to get to know first-hand what it means to have a best friend.

So Lisa came home with Jasper in her arms. She was sure that with some time and togetherness they would get along well.

What she never imagined was how soon this pair of animals would become, each a best friend forever to the other.

“Jasper was very cautious with Bo at first. He didn’t know what to expect from him. He stayed in the rear and watched from a distance. One day, finally, he walks up to Bo and hugs him. It was almost like he was telling him, ‘okay, let’s play,’ I think that’s where Bo learned how to cuddle,” Lisa said.

However, the tenderness that came from that scene of unconditional friendship was nothing compared to what Lisa captured the other day.

Being in her living room, Bo approached the couch where Jasper was and hugged him like someone who hugs his most precious and beloved treasure.

After melting into each other like the best friends they are, Bo and Jasper dedicated themselves to enjoying the celestial spectacle that a group of birds gave them.

Lisa, for her part, claims to feel like a privileged woman, witnessing the wonderful lessons offered to us by our beautiful companions in the Animal Kingdom.

“I was super excited to see this beautiful bonding moment of two animals showing so much love for each other. Even though they play rough and goad each other. Sometimes, a fight breaks out and I separate them. They are like children just like children,” said Olsen-Plummer.

Needless to say, this pair of best friends has no plans to ever separate. From that poetic instant, like something out of a delicate canvas, this duo is the best example of what it means to seriously enjoy the company of the one you hold as the most important being in the world.

However, as the good friends and siblings they are, and as their adoptive mother has said, all is not calm between Jasper and Bo. Together, they are dynamite.

They play rough and make messes all over the house. But, yes, Lisa enjoys witnessing the bond that has developed between her little creatures.

Definitely, having the presence of a good friend is fundamental in the life of any living being, regardless of its species.

A friend is like the sea, it always waits for you and always surrenders to your feet when you return, embraces you with its waves and cleanses your heart of anguish and sadness.

A hug is a wonderful thing. It is a gift to share. It is the best way to say: “I care about you”. A hug conveys support, security, affection, unity and belonging. A hug is a token of compassion that cheers and delights our senses, that enlightens our soul.

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